What Are The Chances of Getting a Knife From a Case in CS2

Arham Imran Published: Jun 13, 2024 17:42 Updated: Jun 13, 2024 17:42

What Are The Chances of Getting a Knife From a Case in CS2

If you’re a true CS2 enthusiast or collector, you would probably know the exciting and curious experience of a CS2 case opening. Millions of CS2 enthusiasts open cases regularly to get a chance to win exciting in-game items, including skins, knives, etc, so they can add a hint of personalization to their game.

However, there must come a time in every enthusiast’s journey when they wonder about the chances of getting a knife from case opening. We are here to solve all your mysteries, and despite the case openings being completely random, let us reassure you that your odds of getting a CS2 knife are not that slim. Just keep on reading this article, and you’ll not be far from getting a knife in CS2 cases.

getting from cs2 case knife skin

Skin Rarity and Odds of a Knife Drop

If you’re a beginner in the CS2 skin world, then this might be breaking news to you that CS2 skins come in different rarity levels and are very conveniently divided among the following levels:

  • Consumer Grade (White)
  • Industrial Grade (Light Blue)
  • Mil-Spec (Blue)
  • Restricted (Purple)
  • Classified (Pink)
  • Covert (Red)
  • Rare Special Items (Gold)

Each skin possesses a distinct appearance and rarity level, which further influences the demand for these skins in the market. Similarly, the rarity also determines the probability of getting that skin in a case drop since rare skins are less likely to win and vice versa.

The same phenomenon applies to CS2 knives. There is a broad market of CS2 knives with many options, each different in appearance, demand, and rarity. If you want to get a rare knife in CS2, you might want to hold your horses and stay consistent, as the probability is often less than 1%.

get best knife from case cs2

How Many Cases It Takes to Win a CS2 Knife

The chances of dropping a knife from a case are slim, often around 0.25%. If you put a little brain into it, this probability means that you can pull a single knife out of 400 cases, which is more than a single person is expecting to open.

The CS2 case opening market works on pretty fair dynamics and applies provably fair frameworks, so no hidden mechanics or cheats can increase your odds of getting a CS2 knife. Hence, we can say that if you’re opening a case, there is a 99.75% chance that you won’t be able to secure a knife.

Hence, it would be beneficial not to set false hopes in your mind because there is an equal chance of getting a knife on your 10th case and your 1000th case. That’s why professionals say that it’s purely a matter of luck and that a player can do nothing to increase the odds of a CS2 knife.

best knife from cases cs2

How to Obtain a Rare Knife in CS2

If you’re determined to test the odds of a CS2 knife, we can’t back down, too, and we’ll make sure you get all the help you can. So, if you want to get a rare knife in CS2, you should follow these steps:

  • ☑ Buy Cases: Start your journey to get a knife in CS2 by purchasing cases from the in-game store, Steam marketplace, or other third-party case opening sites.
  • ☑ Get Keys: If you’re going forward with the in-game store, you must buy keys from the store or Steam marketplace to open cases.
  • ☑ Open many Cases: Keep opening cases until you can comfortably do so, as multiple cases increase your odds of a CS2 knife.
  • ☑ Trade with players: Make sure to interact with the CS2 community to trade cases or items gained from them with other players.
  • ☑ Join Events: Keep an eye out for events and promotions because they might be able to boost your chances of getting a knife in CS2.
  • ☑ Use Trade-up Contracts: You should also use the trade-up contracts to exchange lower-tier skins for a chance of getting higher-tier ones.

win cs2 knife skin from case


In summary, we can undoubtedly say that the chances of getting a knife in CS2 are pretty slim. However, it’s not impossible. Hundreds of players celebrate their victories with skins and knives won from cases, so nothing should stop you from that, too. Open many cases, use trade-up contracts, and watch for special promotions and cases; soon enough, you, too, will get a knife in CS2.

Arham Imran
Arham Imran

Published: Jun 13, 2024 17:42

Updated: Jun 13, 2024 17:42

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