6 Best Sites to Buy TF2 Keys in July 2024

Keys are a common trading currency. TF2 keys, in particular, are deemed pure and would get you valuable in-game items or keyless crates on the Mann Co. Store. However, the problem with Team Fortress 2 keys is that they’re not available in drops. So, where do you get them, then?

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places to buy csgo skins Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Z1BR 12% selling fee, 6% selling fee for items over $1000 Buy & Sell TF2 Keys – Easy and Secure with Skinport Buy TF2 Keys Now
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How do you choose a platform that sells genuine and cheap TF2 keys? We have sifted through the market and compiled a list of the best sites to buy TF2 keys. We also detail important tips on how to choose a platform for trading keys.

How to Buy TF2 keys?

You can buy TF2 keys in a number of ways – either through the Mann Co. Store via the Steam Wallet or through third-party websites.

For the Mann Co. Store, follow the steps given below.

  • 1️⃣ Log into your Mann Co. Store account via Steam.
  • 2️⃣ Search TF2 Keys.
  • 3️⃣ Add TF2 keys to your cart.
  • 4️⃣ Once you have your cart filled, proceed to checkout.
  • 5️⃣ Complete the transaction, and you should have the keys in your inventory.

An in-game browser will ask you to confirm the transaction. However, the problem with the Mann. Co Store is that the prices are fixed. There are limited payment options and it’s not the best avenue for making a profit.

Hence, players turn to third-party websites. For third-party sites, follow the steps given below:

  • 1️⃣ Go to your chosen website and log in via your Steam account.
  • 2️⃣ Search TF2 keys and pick one of your choosing.
  • 3️⃣ Proceed to checkout and fill in your payment details.
  • 4️⃣ Confirm the transaction. You will receive the TF2 keys in your Steam account after some time.

Best Legit Sites to Buy Team Fortress 2 Keys in July 2024

Rating Buy TF2 Keys Sites Bonus Year Founded Average Price Payment Methods Claim here
1st Skinport Buy & Sell TF2 Keys – Easy and Secure with Skinport 2019 $1.90 Mastercard, VISA, Bank Transfer Buy TF2 Keys Now
2nd DMarket Giveaways, Referral System 2016 $1.83 PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Skrill Buy TF2 Keys Now
3rd Tradeit.gg get a 10% topup bonus or 10% discount in a store 2017 $2.51 Mastercard, VISA, Crypto, iDeal Buy TF2 Keys Now
4th Marketplace.TF Get 1 free craft hat when ordering for $10 or more 2013 $2.10 Paypal, Mastercard, VISA Buy TF2 Keys Now
5th STNtrading.EU get free bonus 2015 $1.90 Mastercard, VISA Buy TF2 Keys Now
6th Gamerall.com get free bonus 2015 $2.48 Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Alipay Buy TF2 Keys Now

How to choose the best site to buy TF2 keys?

The process of trying to choose the best site to buy TF2 keys can dim the excitement of actually buying Team Fortress 2 Keys. Fortunately, you can ease the burden by considering the following factors while looking at different websites.

Online Reputation: A Trustpilot rating is a good starting point. Customer reviews will paint an honest picture without the flamboyance.

  • 🔒 Security: Any website that you plan to trust with your money and information should pass the security check. A simple SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, or DDos protection would do.
  • 💸 Pricing: You don’t want to be emptying your wallet when you can get your keys for a lot cheaper at another platform. So, make sure you compare prices across different websites before finalizing your choice.
  • 💬 Deposit and Withdrawal options: No accessible deposit and withdrawal options mean no money for the website, which means no keys for you. You will find them listed on every website so choose one that fits your needs.
  • Customer Support Service: This one is often overlooked, but if you encounter an issue during the transaction, you don’t wanna spend days waiting for someone to get back to you. Make sure the website you choose has a responsive customer support service or at least one that doesn’t take days.

What Are The Best Sites To Buy TF2 Keys?

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, we have weeded out hundreds of potential websites to bring you the best. Here is a list of the top websites where you can buy TF2 keys.

  • 🔥 Skinport – Best For Saving Money
  • 🔥 DMarket – Best for Crypto Transactions
  • 🔥 Tradeit.gg – Best Overall Website
  • 🔥 Marketplace.tf – Most Versatile
  • 🔥 Stn.trading – Best For Bulk Purchase
  • 🔥 Gamerall – Most Payment Options

1. Skinport

If you’re looking for a website to save you money on Team Fortress 2 Keys, then Skinport is the one. The website offers users zero buyers’ commissions and has a fancy filter and search option.

skinport buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Impressive catalog
  • Zero percent buyer’s commission
  • Extensive filter and search option


  • KYC verification needed

2. DMarket

DMarket is one of the biggest players in the game. With an ever-expanding user base, a blockchain market, and a well-stocked inventory, Dmarket is a top choice for buying Team Fortress 2 keys. The live chat service could use some work, but it is something that most players can live with.

dmarket buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Blockchain marketplace
  • Fair and transparent prices
  • Optimized mobile app


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Non-competitive commission fees

3. Tradeit.gg

With a trader base of 2.5 million, there’s little doubt about the legitimacy of Tradeit.gg for buying cheap TF2 keys. Even though the website is mostly popular among CS:GO players, Tradeit.gg hosts a sizable collection of TF2 in-game items as well. Unfortunately, the platform does not offer Paypal for TF2 keys.

tradeit gg buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Cheaper prices
  • Huge collection of in-game items
  • Multiple language options


  • Outdated website UI

4. Marketplace.tf

Marketplace.tf prides itself on being the founder of the TF2 trading market. Over the years, the website’s inventory has only grown along with an updated website UI. Best of all, the platform is big on community, with an active Discord channel and blog site.

marketplacetf buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Extensive catalog
  • No hidden fees
  • Exceptional support service


  • Long cash-out time

5. Stn.trading

Stn.trading is a trustworthy platform, where you can buy TF2 keys. The platform allows you to buy keys in bulk – 15 at a time! There is a ticket-based support service and an easy-to-navigate UI as well.

stntradingeu buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Bulk purchase
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Trading bots


  • Few reviews

6. Gamerall

If you’re looking for a solid place to buy TF2 keys with PayPal, then Gamerall should be on that list. The platform supports over 100 different payment methods. Best of all, the website displays prices side by side with market prices for an accurate comparison.

gamerall buy tf2 keys

✔️ Pros

  • Over 100 different payment methods
  • Market prices displayed
  • Multiple currencies supported


  • Only Bitcoin supported


Unlike refined metals, you cannot craft Team Fortress 2 Keys or grab them in drops. So, if you want to make money with keys or use them to buy even more valuable in-game items, you ought to know where to buy TF2 keys. Skinport is a good platform if you’re looking to save money. The Mann Co. Store is the safest option. In case you’re looking at a website not on this list, make sure you look at the pricing, deposit options and other factors before you trust the site with your money.


How to buy TF2 keys?

You can buy TF2 keys either from the Mann Co. Store or from third-party websites. Simply log on to your chosen platform, choose your preferred key, and provide your payment details.

Are TF2 keys worth buying?

Yes, TF2 keys are worth buying. They are considered pure in the community and can be used to unlock crates or traded for valuable in-game items.

How much does it cost to buy a TF2 key?

Prices for a TF2 key vary. At the Mann Co Store, the price for the Supply Crate key is always fixed at 2.49 dollars. However, prices fluctuate on third-party platforms, so you can find keys that fit your budget.

Can you trade TF2 keys after buying?

Yes, you can trade TF2 keys after buying them. You can put them up for sale as soon as you make the purchase but you will have to wait for 7 days to trade them because of the Steam community guidelines. New accounts have a 3-day waiting period.

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