Top 13 Best Marketplaces for CS2 & CS:GO in 2024

Are you on the lookout for the best CS2 marketplaces in the industry? If that is the case, we have you covered, as in this piece, we will go above and beyond to provide you with answers to the most important questions you might have when choosing the best CS:GO marketplaces to buy, sell, or exchange skins.

We will also touch base on the criteria you need to pay attention to when finding worthy marketplaces yourself. Last but not least, we will also offer tutorials for beginners which will enable you to get started on the right foot. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this one.

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CS:GO Marketplace Games Bonuses Activate Link
skinsmonkey CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Rust Free $5 for trading, 35% bonus for real money deposits Trade Skins Now
csgoroll CS:GO/CS2 Open 3 cases for free and get a 5% deposit bonus Trade Skins Now
csgo empire CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Rust Claim a free bonus case worth from $0,01 to $1,445 + enjoy free coins Trade Skins Now
csgo trading CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Rust Participate in giveaways and reduce commissions Trade Skins Now
trade rust skins CS:GO/CS2, Rust Join giveaways, open free cases and enjoy reduced fees Trade Skins Now
csgo skin trade CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2 Enjoy $5 for free when trading and get a 35% deposit bonus Trade Skins Now
csgo500 CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Rust 100% matched deposit offer up to $1,000 + 50 free spins Trade Skins Now
sgo trading websites CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2 Receive a 15% bonus on all balance top-ups Trade Skins Now
csgo trade sites CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2, H1Z1 Sign up to claim a $10 bonus on the first trade + get a 45% bonus on your next payment Trade Skins Now
csgo trading CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, TF2, Z1BR Claim free money Trade Skins Now
csgo trading CS:GO/CS2 Rent VIP skins 7 days for free + get a 5% deposit bonus Trade Skins Now
CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2, others Various promotions Trade Now
csgo trading CS:GO/CS2, Dota 2 Get a discount of up to 50% when buying skins Trade Now

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What are CS2 Marketplace Websites?

CS2 marketplaces are third-party websites that allow players to sell, buy, or exchange their Counter-Strike 2 skins either with bots or through the P2P system. When using a worthy CS2 marketplace, you are enjoying a high level of security and easiness of use as all of the platforms from the table above go above and beyond to safeguard your personal and banking information.

How Do the CS2 Marketplace Websites Operate?

The principle behind CS:GO marketplaces is very easy to understand. The website is set up as a two-way street. On one side, you have your inventory, and on the other side, is a marketplace’s inventory. You can then choose what to do with those skins.

For example, if you decide to purchase the skin on a CS:GO marketplace, you can top up your account through convenient payment methods like cryptocurrencies or credit cards. Afterward, simply click on the item you want to purchase and wait for the trade offer to arrive.

Best CS:GO marketplaces earn money through commissions and fees which they put in place every time you sell or buy a skin on their website. Those fees can range from 3% to 10%. Keep that in mind when choosing the best CS2 marketplaces for yourself.

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The Best CS2 Marketplace Sites in June 2024

If you are looking for the best CS2 skin marketplaces in June of 2024, worry not as we got you covered. In the table below, we will provide the most important information starting with the current fees websites are charging, what type of payment options are available, and more.

CS:GO Marketplace Fees Payment Methods Claim here 7% Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, CS2 and Dota 2 Skins, Gift Cards, Paysafecard Trade Now
CSGORoll No Commission Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Trustly, Giropay, SOFORT, Klarna, Neteller, IDeal, Bancontact, numerous cryptocurrencies, Skrill, UnionPay, NeoSurf Trade Now
CSGOEmpire No Commission CS2 Skins, Credit Cards, Skrill, Paysafecard, Google Pay, Gift Cards, Neteller, Jeton, various cryptocurrencies Trade Now
Dmarket 5% Credit Cards, Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill, ACH, bank transfer, cryptocurrencies Trade Now
SkinSwap 0% Sell Fee Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Venmo, Payeer, Credit Cards, Cashapp Trade Now
Tradeit.GG 8% PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin Trade Now
CSGO500 No Commission Numerous cryptocurrencies, Jeton, Gift Cards, Credit Cards, Klarna, CS2 and Rust Skins Trade Now 5% Credit Cards, UnionPay, Cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, IDeal Trade Now
CS.Trade 2% – 5% PayPal, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, Skrill Trade Now
BitSkins 10% Credit Cards, Bancontact, Neosurg, Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill, IDeal, Cryptocurrencies Trade Now
LootBear 10% Yandex, PayPal, WebMoney, QIWI, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies Lifecell, Kyivstar Trade Now
Steam Community Market 5% Credit Cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Discover, JCB Trade Now
CS.Money 3% – 5% Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, Discover, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller Trade Now

Guidelines That Will Help You Choose the Best CS2 Marketplace?

When it comes to choosing the best CS:GO marketplaces, there are certain criteria that you need to pay attention to. We should also mention the fact that there have never been more scams regarding trading platforms than now, so make sure you follow these guidelines to the beat.

  • ☑ Established platform: There are no ifs and buts regarding this guideline. You should never sign up and trade your skins on CS2 skin marketplaces that do not have established communities and you never heard of. Make sure that the website can be trusted before you deposit on it!
  • ☑ Restrictions: As a safety precaution, certain CS:GO skin marketplaces will not allow you to make trades unless you have Steam Guard activated. Make sure that you are okay with that, otherwise you will not be allowed to make trades.
  • ☑ Deposit and withdrawal methods: When buying or selling CS2 skins, you should be looking for a CS2 marketplace that will provide you with suitable deposit or withdrawal methods. Even though this is nothing else but personal preference, we would suggest you use cryptocurrencies as this is the most convenient method right now.
  • ☑ Inventory size: If you are selling skins, you can ignore this one. However, if you are buying, stick to the CS2 skin marketplaces with stacked inventories as you want to have plenty of choices in front of yourself. Solid filters can also come in handy as they will allow you to find what you are looking for instantly.
  • ☑ Bonuses and rewards: Did you know that there are CS2 marketplaces out there that are willing to offer you a deposit bonus when purchasing skins with crypto or real money? This means that you can get extra bang for your buck just by using their site to trade skins.

cs2 skins marketplace site

Main Benefits of Using a CS:GO Marketplace?

If you are unsure whether to use Steam marketplace to buy or sell skins or stick with the third-party CS:GO marketplaces, we got you covered. Below, you can find the main advantages best CS:GO marketplaces are bringing to the table.

  • Diversified range of skins to choose from: Best CS:GO skin marketplaces will go out of their way to provide customers with thousands of items to choose from. On top of that, they will provide detailed statistics such as float, wear, pattern, and much more right on the spot.
  • Fair prices: If you are using a solid CS2 marketplace, then you can expect fair prices which means that those are usually significantly lower than the ones you are going to find on the official marketplace.
  • Top-notch security: Even though no one can match the security offered to you by Steam, a lot of third-party CS:GO marketplaces are also putting in extra effort to keep your personal, Steam, and banking information safe and secure.
  • Making easy trades: If you did not know by now, making a trade on a CS2 marketplace is as fast as it can be. After signing up for an account, it only takes a couple of minutes for you to top up your account, choose the skins you want to acquire, and accept the trade offer. All of these steps are very easy to do and complete beginners will have no problems using trading platforms.
  • Reduced fees once compared to Steam: Even though this is not the case with all CS2 marketplaces, some are charging less than the official Steam marketplace, so keep that in mind when trading.
  • Getting extra bang for your buck: Best CS2 skin marketplaces often offer a deposit bonus whenever you are topping up your account. This is not the case if you decide to buy skins via Steam.

cs2 marketplace

Necessary Steps to Use CS2 Marketplaces

If you never used a CS2 marketplace by now, and you do not know how to get started, there is no need to panic as we got you covered. Below, you can find a dedicated step-by-step guide on how to use a CS:GO marketplace.

  1. ✔ Sign up for an account: This is the easiest step out of them all. All you have to do is sign up for an account by using your Steam profile.
  2. ✔ Provide trade URL and email address: After the account is all ready to go, provide a valid trade URL linked to the Steam account and type in your email address.
  3. ✔ Deposit funds: Choose a deposit method that suits you the most. Do not forget to take advantage of a deposit bonus(if there is one put in place).
  4. ✔ Choose the skins you want to buy: Now that your account is all topped up, it is time to choose the skins you want to buy. Use various filters to easily find what you are looking for.
  5. ✔ Accept the trade offer: By clicking on the “Trade” button, you will immediately receive a trade offer from the website. Once you accept it, you have successfully made your first trade.


In this piece, our main goal was to provide you with everything you need to know regarding the best CS2 marketplaces on the market. We also provided you with valuable information regarding the bonuses and commissions certain sites are charging and how they fare once compared to the official Steam marketplace.

All in all, we shed light on what CS:GO marketplaces are bringing to the table. With all of that being said, we can conclude that using third-party sites to trade CS2 skins is a complete no-brainer as you are getting much more out of it than you would by going through the official platform.


What is the best CS2 marketplace?

At the time of writing, the best CS2 marketplace is SkinsMonkey. This platform has it all starting with an excellent bonus for newcomers, stacked inventory, and much more.

Which CS2 marketplace provides the highest level of safety?

SkinsMonkey put in place a high level of security. Alongside providing SSL encryption on the website which keeps your personal and banking information safe, there are also additional safety measures put in place to help keep your account safe and secure.

Is it legal to use CS2 marketplaces?

Yes, CS2 marketplaces are completely legal as they have nothing to do with online gambling. However, they are not endorsed or supported by Steam hence why they are considered as third-party trading websites.

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