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How We Turn You Into A Leader

How We Turn You Into A Leader Hella Good Marketing is a creative sales & marketing digital agency. We strive to provide innovative and quality solutions that are customized for you and your brand’s need. We want our work processes to be straightforward with our clients. We take pride in our work and love what we do!

We’re a good fit for you if:

  • You need to increase leads/sales volume
  • You enter a new market
  • You launch a new business/product
  • You start to build a sales department

Best sales techniques adjusted and tailored for your business!

Planned, strategic and measurable results.

Let us work with you to create sales and marketing strategy that will actually bring ROI. We will determine the best online marketing channels for your business and niche.

Sales processes from product perspective.

These are the essentials to be defined before starting planning any sales strategies. We will help you to develop Ideal Customer Profile, identify target market priority, create and test thesis pitch ideas for each ICP.

Organizational structure of the Sales Team.

Sales Team should be organized and aligned according to company’s strategy and goals. We believe in three pillars of sales organization: roles, responsibilities, communication. And we will help you to set it up right.

Inbound sales strategy set up, inbound leads processing algorithm and funnels.

You have your marketing channels set up and you already getting some inbound leads. Well, it’s time to start working on MQL/SQL scoring criteria, develop inbound funnels and workflow.

Outbound sales strategy set up, outbound leads processing algorithm and funnels.

When you feel like your inbound channels are not bringing enough quality leads - it's the right time to start Outbound campaigns. We'll help you to set up lead generation flow and email marketing campaigns.

Reporting and analytics set up.

Reporting and statistics analysis is essential for any business to achieve assigned sales targets. We'll help you to build transparent reporting so you always up to date with your sales and marketing efforts.

Tools implementation.

Each sales process and flow requires right tools for proper operation. We'll assist you with setting up the best ones for your kind of business.

Content writing.

Each and every solid sales organization requires to have their templates, scripts, playbooks and sales flow algorithms properly written and documented. We are willing to assist you with writing best texts selling your products and services.

Sales team coaching, onboarding.

We'll make sure that your sales reps use best sales techniques and each member of your team is onboarded properly.

Invest in your firm’s future with a custom sales and digital marketing strategy.

We'll work with you to meet each and every goal.