13 Best Mystery Box Sites in October 2023

Check out our list of the 13 best Mystery Box Sites (Updated on 2023). 🤩 Unbox Authentic Products for up to 95% off. 🤩 Only Provably fair odds. 🤩 Open, Win and Deliver Prizes!

hypedrop mystery boxes

Mystery Box Sites Games & Features Bonuses Promo code Activate Link
hypedrop Mystery Boxes Unboxing, Battles, Free Drop 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus HYPEHELLA Open Mystery Box
royalecases Mystery Boxes Unboxing, Battles Get +5% Deposit Bonus + Daily Free Boxes hella Open Mystery Box
csgoroll CS:GO Mystery Boxes, Unboxing,  Case Battles 3 Free Spins Up to $1,000 +5% Deposit bonus GAMBLE-CSGO Open Mystery Box
datdrop CS:GO Mystery Boxes, Case Opening, Upgrade, Free Cases, Battle opening, Battle Royale +5% for first deposit for Free top100list Open Mystery Box
mysteryopening Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Battles, Daily Free get 3 Free Boxes and 20% first deposit bonus goodhella Open Mystery Box
jemlit Mystery Boxes, Clashes, Products Shop get a +5% bonus with your deposit hella Open Mystery Box
g2a G2A Cases Earn 100 Loot Points + 5% bonus from reflink WG6vpc0t Open Mystery Box
drakemall Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Mystery Battles, Promo, Products get $0.65 for Free + 50% First Deposit bonus GAMBLE-CSGO Open Mystery Box
Hybe Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Battles get 1 Box for Free HELLABOX Open Mystery Box
Amazon Mystery Boxes Buy mystery boxes for a low prices n/a Open Mystery Box
Etsy Mystery Boxes Check out our mystery box selection n/a Open Mystery Box
walmart Mystery Boxes Shop for Mystery Boxes n/a Open Mystery Box
lootie SCAM Project Unboxing, Mystery Boxes get 1 Box for Free hellagood Open Mystery Box

csgorollduelbits reviewstake

🗺️ Type: Mystery Boxes
🌐 Sites Tested: 13
😎 Best Mystery Box Site: HypeDrop
💰 Best Bonus: 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
🕖 Tested period: 14 months

Surprise moment! Do you still know the surprise bags from earlier? The trend is back. More and more providers such as Amazon, Ebay, Saturn, Media Markt and co are offering so-called “mystery boxes”.

These are surprise boxes that you can buy and don’t know what’s inside beforehand. There are also the Unboxing Lucky Boxes, where with luck you can get something really good. All boxes also at: Mystery Box

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery Boxes are boxes with unknown contents of a particular theme or brand. Opening the box becomes a surprise because the contents can be many times greater than the money spent on the purchase. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact of randomness, so items may not have the expected value. Mystery Boxes have become a trend in gambling entertainment. You can open them, sell unnecessary items, and buy boxes again.

How Mystery Box Works?

If you want to take part in the drawing and buy Mystery Box, you need to register on a special website that provides such a service. Today there are a lot of such platforms, including well-known portals like HypeDrop, DatDrop, JemLit, Drakemall, and others. We want to help you choose a reliable site. So, read our reviews with only verified sites that have been carefully selected and rated according to many criteria.

After registration, you need to make a deposit and choose the box you like. Each box has a description of the probable filling – this is what its value depends on. Once the item is received, you can keep it by ordering delivery or selling it immediately to buy another box.

Best Mystery Boxes Sites in October 2023

Rating Mystery Box Website Bonus code Claim here
1st HypeDrop HYPEHELLA Get 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
2nd Royalecases hella Get +5% Deposit Bonus
3rd DatDrop top100list Get +5% for first deposit for Free
4th JemLit hella get a +5% bonus with your deposit
5th Drakemall GAMBLE_CSGO get $0.65 for Free + 50% First Deposit bonus
6th Lootie SCAM get 1 Box for Free
7th Hybe HELLABOX get 1 Box for Free
8th Mysteryopening goodhella get 3 Free Boxes and 20% first deposit bonus
9th Amazon hellagood get 1 Box for Free
10th Etsy hellagood get 1 Box for Free
11th Walmart hellagood get 1 Box for Free
12th CSGORoll gamble-csgo get 3 Boxes for Free +5% Deposit bonus
13th G2A Loot WG6vpc0t Earn 100 Loot Points + 5% bonus from reflink

1. HypeDrop.com 🎁

HypeDrop shows its cases off that has items from authentic brands. There are a number of great things about this website, for example, if you get items that aren’t worth as much as the box you just bought, you’ll be able to get XP as compensation which can be used to improve your account and get more rewards later on.

hypedrop mystery box

😎 Best for: Authentic Products Mystery Box

🙈 Reviews: 1349

Rating: 4.5

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for HypeDrop

2. Loot.g2a.com 🎁

G2A is a very well-known game in gaming ever since the good ol’ Steam days, and it has an assortment of various themed game boxes as well that you can find on their website. You can get games for Steam in these boxes, or even PlayStation and Xbox. Feel free to redeem any you like. You can even buy memberships to get rewards in a specific time period every now and then.

loot g2a mystery box

😎 Best for: Themed Video Game Loot Cases

🙈 Reviews: 101

Rating: 1.5

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for Loot G2A

3. Drakemall.com 🎁

Similar to HypeDrop, Drakemall highlights its more popular feature, the Secret Fights, which is a multiplayer game that you can play with a minimum of two and up to six players. Whoever happens to get the best rewards from their respective crates will win everything! You can choose up to six boxes to compete against other players.

drakemall mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Virtual Mystery Box

🙈 Reviews: 296

Rating: 3.1

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for Drakemall

4. Lootie.com 🎁 – SCAM PROJECT

Lootie is yet another secret bundle site that you will have a good time unboxing at. You can tyro to win genuine and authentic items without having to worry about getting duds all the time. Feel free to purchase a case from any of the themes available on the website, and get what you need. There are chances that you get a reward that’s worth an exorbitant amount.

lootie mystery box site

It is truly easy to find what you’re searching for on Lootie in view of its thoroughly examined UI. Lootie is a genuine and engaging area to take a stab at shock opening up and maybe obtain fabulous true things at a much-diminished rate.

❌ Best for: SCAM Mystery Box

🙈 Reviews: 5775

Rating: 4.6

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for Lootie

5. Mysteryopening.com 🎁

When you finally create an account on MysteryOpening.com, you’ll be able to get a free mystery box as a bonus. There is no guaranteed reward, and you won’t get exactly the amount of your mystery box every time. You can get free bundles on the website, and are qualified for free boxes for every person you refer to use the website.

mystery opening boxes

😎 Best for: Mystery Battles

🙈 Reviews: 14

Rating: 4.3

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for MysteryOpening

6. Hybe.com 🎁

Hybe is one of the more popular websites for mystery box openings. You will be paying for a crate with on-site currency that you’ll be paying for with real money. You can get items from brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Air Jordan, Incomparable and more.

hybe mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Unboxing Authentic Products for up to 95% off

🙈 Reviews: 11471

Rating: 4.7

❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for MysteryOpening

7. CSGORoll 🎁

CSGORoll is a well-known name in the CSGO gambling community. IF you’re looking to get your hands on some HypeBeast Mystery Boxes, primarily for CSGO skins, then you’ve found the right place. By purchasing these at CSGORoll, you have a chance at winning some valuable skins, and maybe even a knife! Start off by using our promo code for CSGORoll to get a 5% deposit bonus and free 3 spins.

csgoroll mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Opening CSGO mystery boxes
🙈 Reviews: 1965
Rating: 4.4
❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for CSGORoll

8. DatDrop 🎁

DatDrop has been around since 2016, and during that time, it has verified itself as provably fair and built a solid reputation around its name. With over 250 payment methods and well-built game modes for players, you’re going to love your experience with mystery box openings here. Other than case openings, you’ll also find roulette, jackpot, and upgrade.

datdrop mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Easy Deposits
🙈 Reviews: 1502
Rating: 3.9
❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for DatDrop

9. JemLit 🎁

JemLit offers a huge variety of Mystery Boxes with each of them having a different theme centered around authentic and expensive brands. There’s the Apple Box, where you might be able to win an iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy Box if Android is more up to your speed. Either way, if you receive an item that you might not like, you can exchange it for store credit, which can be contributed to your next mystery box purchase on JemLit.

jemlit mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Variety of Mystery Boxes
🙈 Reviews: 535
Rating: 4.3
❤️ Leave Review on Trustpilot for JemLit

10. Amazon 🎁

You’ll find a lot of Mystery Box providers on Amazon, and while not all of them may be great, you’ll have to take a look at their respective reviews to really determine their worth. Let’s consider Quicklotz Mystery Boxes for example, that bundle up all the items that are returned to the Amazon warehouse, and ship them out in Mystery Boxes to buyers. They’ve built quite the following, and the items in these returns are mostly brand new!

amazon mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Huge catalog of mystery boxes from different providers
🙈 Reviews: Different for each provider
Rating: Different for each provider

11. Etsy 🎁

Similar to Amazon, Etsy has various providers selling different kinds of Mystery Boxes, with various themes. It’s best to go for the ones with a good amount of reviews. You’ll find all kinds of themes for your Mystery Boxes.

etsy mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Picking your own provider for your subscription
🙈 Reviews: Different for each provider
Rating: Different for each provider

12. Walmart 🎁

If you haven’t found the type of Mystery Box you were looking for at either Amazon or Etsy, then it might be a good idea to delve deep into Walmart’s list of available Mystery Boxes. Similar to the other two websites, make sure to look out for customer reviews and if others have been able to find their money’s worth from the box you’re looking to order.

walmart mystery boxes

😎 Best for: Seasonal mystery boxes
🙈 Reviews: Different for each box
Rating: Different for each box

How to Find Legit Mystery Box Websites

Due to the growing popularity of Mystery Boxes among Internet users, there is a large number of platforms that provide the opportunity to buy boxes. A new player gets lost among the masses of offers and can get caught by scammers who do not pay out the won funds and items. To choose a really reliable portal, you need to check:

  • ⚠️ its legality;
  • ⚠️ term of operation;
  • ⚠️ feedback from real customers;
  • ⚠️ terms and conditions of the platform.

Review sites that give you a ready-made list of verified box stores can save you time. Our top list features the best Mystery Box Websites, which have been tested according to all criteria. The ranking is constantly updated, as verifications are performed on an ongoing basis.

Types of Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are arranged by theme, cost, and other features for convenience. This makes it easier for the user to decide which box he is interested in. Here are the 17 most common and popular Mystery Boxes.

1. Mystery Box for Fishing 🧧

This is a themed box with content for fishermen. Its contents will be appreciated by every amateur angler, as it can contain such useful items as tackle, cork float, various baits, spinning reels, and much more. By subscribing to Myfishingbox, the user receives boxes for a monthly subscription fee. The content is determined randomly and can make a real gift.

2. Mystery Box for Women 🧧

Beauty boxes are very popular among women. You can find these boxes not only on Amazon, Etsy, or Monsterzeug but also on other websites that sell Mystery Boxes. Choose the theme you’re interested in and get a valuable beauty kit from a well-known brand.

3. Mystery Box Germany 🧧

Mystery boxes in Germany are becoming increasingly popular. They can be filled with all kinds of surprises, and unpacking them becomes a real adventure. It is predicted that demand for Mystery Box Germany will increase in 2023. This can be largely explained by multi million views on TikTok and other networks.

4. Mystery Box Burger King 🧧

Would you like to explore something new on Burger King’s menu? Mystery Box will be a great opportunity to check out a box of a random burger from a well-known brand. When you buy a box for a fixed price, you get a random meal that you can’t know in advance. The promotion kicked off in 2019 and is likely to continue from there on out.

5. Mystery Box DM 🧧

It has yet to be determined whether well-known pharmacy chains such as Rossmann, DM, and Budni will continue to sell their boxes. However, the previous success could be the basis for the production of new boxes.

6. Mystery Box Douglas 🧧

The well-known retail chain has announced that it is moving into the online space, which will become the primary location for sales. However, some branches still operate and offer the best perfumes. The focus on online sales could probably be the impetus for creating their own Mystery Boxes with themed content.

7. Mystery Box eBay 🧧

This popular online store offers boxes with content from a variety of brands. The website offers boxes with unpredictable content from brands as well as individuals. You can also still find previous versions of Saturn and Media Markt boxes on eBay.

8. Mystery Box Fashion 🧧

These boxes stand for their price as they can contain branded clothing from famous fashion houses. If you buy a box for a substantial price, you can get luxury items from Off-White, Vetements, Balenciaga, Palm Angels, Adidas, Supreme, etc. Such a box can be a bargain for fashionistas who appreciate expensive brands.

9. Mystery Box McDonald’s 🧧

Happy Meal boxes should not be confused with Mystery Boxes, as these are different surprises. The McDonald’s box actually looks like a glass added to the main order. It may contain cool gifts, such as – colorful branded glasses, which have become a real trend.

10. Mystery Box Apple 🧧

The brand does not offer branded boxes, however, its products can be found in electronics-themed Mystery Boxes sold on other sites. By buying such a box for a notional price, you can get an iPhone, Ipad, iWatch, and other valuable Apple items. If you are a favorite of Fortune, you will get a great deal.

11. Mystery Box with Electronics 🧧

The contents can vary greatly but any item will fit into the electronics section. These are teapots, smartphones, cables, tablets, disks, drives, and other useful things. The price of the box depends on the list of possible contents. If you are lucky, you might get a valuable item for home or personal use for 100 euros.

12. Mystery Box Amazon 🧧

Surprise boxes from Amazon are offered in a wide range with a variety of contents. After all, the online store sells a wide range of consumer goods. They often include products that have been returned for a variety of reasons. This is a great way to sell a lot of stale items.

13. Mystery Box Adidas 🧧

At the moment, branded boxes have already been fully implemented through dedicated stores. However, websites such as Lootie.com and others offer their own boxes that may contain Adidas merchandise. If the company launches its own boxes, our website will be the first to post this information.

14. Mystery Box for Kids 🧧

My Toy Boxes target a children’s audience by including toys, educational items, and other fun products in boxes. By signing up for the boxes and indicating the age group, parents can receive a surprise box to delight their kids every month. Boxes can be returned to change the contents and diversify the gifts.

15. Mystery Box for Tastings 🧧

Food and kitchenware boxes are popular with many customers. They contain a specific tasting set to suit your flavor preferences. You can order a box with refrigeration or for a specific holiday. It determines what will be inside the box. You can fix the price in advance and specify your wishes.

16. Mystery Box Black or Pink 🧧

Surprises for women are placed in the Pink Box and its contents are not known in advance. The box can be arranged by subscription and received on a regular basis. There is a Black Box for men. However, it can be received only once a year. Still, it is necessary to wait for the opening of the subscription.

17. Mystery Box Schön für mich 🧧

This box is popular with women. It is sold as a limited edition through a network of pharmacies. The content is related to make-up, beauty products, and other feminine items. Getting the box requires submitting a personal application and paying the cost upon approval.

What kind of Mystery Boxes are there?

With the Mystery Boxes on offer, it is not that easy to keep track of them always and up-to-date. Above all, this has to do with the fact that there are many mystery boxes only occasionally or only for a limited period of time. Other offers of this type are available monthly – or are drawn from all interested parties.

Nevertheless, there are various offers from Mystery Boxes below that may be of interest. However, no permanent availability or even completeness is guaranteed.

1. Mystery box: feel-good box

With the feel-good box, a mail-order pharmacy also offers a mystery box dedicated to health and the like. The number of feel-good boxes is always limited and it is not clear beforehand what is inside.

2. Mystery Box: brandnooz box

For several years now, brandnooz has been offering its own mystery boxes containing food. There are always new boxes and promotions – for example for chilled food (Coolbox), for Christmas or for other occasions. In advance, only the value of the goods is usually fixed and you can specify likes or dislikes (e.g. alcohol) – this will then be taken into account.

3. Mystery Box: Degusta Box

A similar principle is hidden behind the Degusta Box. Here, too, there are new food products and more for everything to do with the kitchen. The box is usually available monthly and you can order it by subscription.

4. Mystery Box: Black Box

For women there is the Pink Box, which is delivered to your home by subscription, and the Black Box is the small offshoot especially for men. It is offered once a year (currently) and is not available as a subscription. What exactly is in it? Nobody knows in advance.

5. Mystery Box: Nice for me box

The Schön für mich box is offered by a drugstore chain – and is only available in limited numbers. You can apply to buy the box and pay for it when you are drawn. It includes products for all aspects of beauty and beauty.

6. Mystery Box: Mystery glasses McDonalds

At the fast food supplier McDonalds there are currently collecting glasses in the menus again. There is also a separate mystery box to go with the program “The Masked Singer”, which contains one of two additional glasses. You only find out which one it is after opening it.

7. Mystery Box: My toy box

The box from My toy box is aimed at children. Parents can enter the age for this and a box with toys will be sent home every month. You can keep exciting toys at home and send them back in the next box – so you always have a variety of toys at home.

Buying mystery boxes online: experiences and tips

Mystery boxes arouse human curiosity and thereby generate increased interest. Nobody knows in advance what you will get – and that is exactly what makes it so attractive. Unboxing videos – small films in which mystery boxes are unpacked – are also very popular.

There are mystery boxes for women, suitable offers for men, for cooking enthusiasts or for those who like to experiment. And children can also have their fun with matching Mystery Box offers.

With the boxes you can – regularly or just once – prepare a surprise and create little moments of happiness for yourself.

The fact that the range of mystery boxes is always different is also intentional. This creates additional scarcity and one is more tempted to look for the appropriate offer quickly. Because in many cases the following applies: once a Mystery Box is sold out, it stays that way.

In our site we listed only trusted Mystery Boxes sites. They are:

  1. HypeDrop 1️⃣🔝

  2. DatDrop 2️⃣💝

  3. Drakemall 3️⃣💎

  4. Lootie 4️⃣✅

  5. Hybe 5️⃣⬆️

  6. JemLit 6️⃣⬆️

  7. Mysteryopening 7️⃣

  8. Amazon 8️⃣

  9. Etsy 9️⃣

  10. Walmart 🔟

  11. CSGORoll 1️⃣1️⃣

  12. Loot.g2a.com 1️⃣2️⃣

  13. Royalecases.com 1️⃣3️⃣

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