Top 6 Electronics Mystery Boxes In 2021

Check out our list of the most popular Electronics Mystery Boxes Sites in December 2021

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Electronic Mystery Boxes Sites Games & Features Bonuses Activate Link
Mystery Boxes 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus Activate code – “HYPEHELLA”
CS:GO Mystery Boxes, Case Opening, Upgrade, Free Cases +5% for first deposit for Free Activate code – “top100list”
Mystery Boxes, Products Shop get 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£ Activate code – “HELLO20”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Mystery Battles get $0.55 for Free Activate code – “GAMBLE-CSGO”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxes get 1 Box for Free Activate code – “hellagood”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxes get 1 Box for Free Activate code – “hellagood”

We are very much aware that you’re all into tech stuff and accordingly we do prescribe attempting to open electronic secret boxes. That is the way you can consolidate diversion with an opportunity to get your ideal contraption at a decreased cost. Here we chose the best 5 electronic secret boxes that we figured out how to discover on the web. We additionally need to take note that every one of them is from genuine and confided in sites that we continually audit and test.

Best Electronics Mystery Boxes Sites 2021

Rating Website Bonus code Claim here
1st HypeDrop HYPEHELLA Get 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
2nd DatDrop top100list Get +5% for first deposit for Free
3rd JemLit HELLO20 get 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£
4th Drakemall GAMBLE_CSGO get $0.55 for Free
5th Lootie hellagood get 1 Box for Free
6th Hybe hellagood get 1 Box for Free

What is an Electronics Mystery Box?

You definitely realize that secret boxes are the cases with a proper value that contain an assortment of themed things inside (something like plunder boxes). Fundamentally, you purchase a 10 – dollar secret box, open it and see what your triumphant is, then, at that point, request a conveyance and accept your prize.

It was a short review just to remind you how it functions overall and presently we can come to the heart of the matter. Electronic secret boxes work the very same way. You simply realize that every one of the assortments are solely in innovation topics and don’t squander cash on unusual things.

We have checked eBay and Amazon tech assortments and understood that virtual secret boxes are so in front of exemplary ones. They are brimming with hypebeast legitimate gadgets, in addition to they offer more spending plan choices, and are in reality less expensive overall. So on the off chance that you likewise haven’t discovered anything nice on Amazon or searching for more reasonable choices partake in our rundown.


Cost: $11.99



Nearly everybody is wild about Apple nowadays and wishes to get every one of the most recent things quickly. However, it’s difficult to stay aware of the multitude of new deliveries and not end up with void pockets. That is the reason we present our first secret tech box from Drakemall loaded with credible apple items.

Inside this assortment you can discover Macbook ace 15 (2018), iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple watch series 5, and from less expensive ones: brilliant console for an iPad, enchantment mouse, and Mac pencil. The most un-beneficial thing on the lower part of the container is the AirPods case. All things considered, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement so it isn’t so terrible since youwin something at any rate.


Cost: $2.99



It is somewhere else to chase after similar Apple devices yet a spending plan rendition of a past one. It has a more modest assortment of prizes. However, every one of the well known ones like iPhone 12 and Airpods ace are available. Contrasting the possibilities with unpack an iPhone on Lootie to Drakemall it will be 0,01 to 0,1. So on the off chance that you purchase a modest secret box the chances are not in support of yourself.

In any case, it would be a decent decision on the off chance that you simply need to open a case for entertainment only or as a preliminary before you go for an expensive one.

Electronic Mystery Boxes In 2021


Cost: $1.97


OK, assuming that hypebeast stuff leaves you cold we get another more strange yet really interesting electronic amazement box. In the event that you investigate the bundle you will see things included remote vehicle charger\phone holder, retro video console, or multi-practical endurance watch. The best thing about this specific one is a chance for a decent benefit. You have a 30% opportunity to win a thing twice as costly as the underlying aggregate you pay for unpacking. The least expensive thing is valued at $1.98 while for $1.97 you can open the crate. It’s purported ensured esteem, which we appriciate to such an extent.


Cost: $9.99


At first, we needed to cover choices for different requirements and interests in our rundown. Be it PC equipment or valuable contraptions for photographic artists. It was a quite hard errand to achieve in light of the fact that most hardware assortments would contain simply telephones, PCs, and comparable gadgets. Be that as it may, we gave a valiant effort and tracked down an astonishing camera bundle which HypeDrop offers for a sensible expense. In case you are fortunate you might win one of the mirrorless cameras (for instance, Canon M50 or Sony a7). Regardless of whether you’re not Hypedrop additionally furnishes clients with a dependable prize which merits the equivalent $10 you pay for unpacking. It will an extraordinary choice for you assuming you need to get a good deal on your camera hardware.


Cost: $29.99

It is the most costly electronic secret box in our rundown yet certainly worth difficult. Among the things are state of the art Acer Predator Orion 9000 ( that typically would cost you around $4000), Razer Blade 15, and MSI Infinite X. By and large there are in excess of 50 prizes including PC and gaming stuff. Such a centralization of important units per box will guarantee the best unpacking experience. However, we need to caution you that in case you are new to the pattern pick a more affordable choice or possibly do some free preliminary twists before you go through genuine cash.

Administrations, where you can get different gifts and prizes, are acquiring notoriety: giveaways, sweepstakes, and secret boxes. Also, in the event that we plainly get what are giveaways and sweepstakes, secret boxes are quite interesting one here. Quick version: secret box – is a crate with irregular gifts in it. For instance, on Amazon or eBay you can discover tech secret boxes that contain different hardware. After the buy, the container is being conveyed to you and solely after that, you can discover what you got.

Top Electronic Mystery Boxes

Top Hardware Secret Boxes in 2021: is it conceivable to win a telephone, PC, or smartwatch?

There are a few famous administrations available with secret boxes: membership boxes, physical or even virtual ones. The most requesting commercial centers with genuine and membership secret boxes are Amazon, Loot Crate and Etsy. In any case, assuming you need to know what you convey before the underlying conveyance, it’s smarter to attempt online secret box sites like DrakeMall, Hypedrop, or Hybe. Those stages permit clients from the Philippines and other Asian and European nations to win high-esteem gifts like workstations, telephones, and other costly devices from virtual shock boxes.

DrakeMall otherwise known as “virtual secret box commercial center” – what is it and how can it function?

DrakeMall is a secret box commercial center that is accessible to clients in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and other Asian an European nations. Here, clients can open secret boxes directly on the site, without having conveyed them, and win prizes that can be conveyed to their homes. The site contains 50 and more unique secret boxes in classes like Tech, Gaming, Geek, Women, Esports, and so forth Prior to opening a container, clients can really look at its substance (potential rewards) and their rates of drop (risks in % to get the prize after secret box opening).

To open an unexpected box, the player needs to enroll a record by means of email or interpersonal organizations, and set aside an installment. Most boxes can be opened for $2-5. In any case, there are additionally more costly boxes which contain more significant prizes like Dell Alienware Area 51m or Microsoft Surface Pro PCs. In the wake of opening the case, prizes can be either sold on the site to open more visually impaired boxes, or conveyed to the client.

Assuming you need to comprehend these mechanics somewhat better, you can track down the entire with a significant conversation.

Top-5 tech secret boxes you can open online to win genuine prizes!

On the off chance that you don’t know precisely which box is smarter to open, we have arranged the main 5 best secret boxes with hardware only for you!

1 – PC secret box or “PC Master Race Box”: become the PC-God with the most recent PC fabricate!

Today organizations produce PC parts that make it conceivable to make a genuinely beast PC. In any case, these PCs are very costly thus Drake Mall chooses to assist you with getting the perfect PC. By picking the for just $28.99, you can win a gaming PC or first class PC parts from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.

Here is a waitlist of what you can win from this secret box with PC tech:

  • costly 28-center Intel Xeon W-3175X and 32-center AMD Threadripper 2990WX CPUs;
  • incredible gaming workstations: Alienware Area 51m, ASUS ROG Zephyrus S and Razer Blade 15;
  • high-power gaming equipment: NVIDIA RTX 2080ti, HyperX and G.Skill RAM and very good quality motherboards, HDD and SSD;
  • gaming mice, earphones and consoles from Razer, SteelSeries and BenQ Zowie.

On the off chance that you think about the cost of the secret box to the costs of prizes in it, it will seem as though it’s the manner in which you can get a gaming PC or PC for almost free!

2 – Samsung Galaxy secret box: the least demanding way of getting new and well known Samsung contraptions!

Assuming you’re enamored with Samsung hardware, the Galaxy Box on the site is your best attempt to get superior devices from a Korean producer. For just $6.99, you can open this Samsung tech box and win:

  • progressive foldable cell phones: Galaxy Fold 5G and Samsung Galaxy Flip Z;
  • the most well known Samsung telephones: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and others;
  • high level tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5a, and so on;
  • premium smartwatches: Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active;
  • remote earphones, wellness trackers, and significantly more.

Utilize this special chance to get the most costly Samsung devices at the least expensive cost of all time!

Electronic Mystery Boxes

3 – VR box: attempt augmented reality for just $3.99!

VR innovations permit you to submerge yourself in an awesome environment that a customary presentation can’t pass on. Together, with Drake Mall, you have a novel chance to win important computer generated simulation prizes for just $3.99:

  • VR protective caps: HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest, PS VR;
  • games with computer generated reality support: Half-Life: Alyx, Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, Tetris Effect and then some;
  • frill for VR headsets: stands, charging gadgets, covers, stickers, and so on.

Attempt vivid VR experience at the least cost accessible, open the VR shock box and get quite possibly the most well known augmented simulation helmet!

4 – Console secret box: the opportunity to win Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles for almost free!

In the event that you have since a long time ago longed for another game control center from, Sony or Microsoft, presently your fantasy can work out as expected for just $3.99!

DrakeMall’s computer game control center secret box make it conceivable to get items like:

  • the most well known home control center: Xbox One X and One S, PS4 Pro, NVIDIA Shield;
  • handheld gaming consoles: Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, Nintendo 3DS XL;
  • retro videogame consoles: SEGA Mega Drive Mini, PlayStation Classic, NES and SNES Classic, and the sky is the limit from there.

Simply visit the site, open the “Control center Box” and become a glad proprietor of PS or Xbox console for practically free!

5 – Japanese secret box: the best gadgets from Japan for genuine nerds!

One more hardware secret box is made for the people who are wild about Japanese contraptions and gadgets – Japanese Box! Here, you can open a Japanese shock box and get exceptional gadgets made in Japan:

  • PCs (Fujitsu LifeBook);
  • OLED TVs (Sony A9G);
  • DSLR cameras (Canon EOS 6D Mark II);
  • cell phones (Sony Xperia 1, Sharp Aquos S2);
  • hand watches (Seiko, Casio);
  • game control center (PlayStation, Nintendo) and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The with a sticker price just of $4.99 and no membership required contains the most top-end hardware from such top brands like Sony, Fujitsu, Canon, Nintendo, Seiko, Sharp, Yamaha, Panasonic, and so forth. Try not to spare a moment, and join our group of glad drakers, similar to this one, who won PS Classic from the Japanese Box.

Drake Mall conveyances and unboxings: where to discover evidence that it’s valid and safe?

Drake Mall has been working beginning around 2017 and during this time has figured out how to satisfy huge number of fortunate individuals who chose to open plunder boxes and became proprietors of gadgets that cost great many dollars. It is a genuine and solid help, ensured by KYC by means of Shufti Pro and accessible just to clients beyond 18 years old.

To ensure this secret box stage is protected and genuine, we welcome you to peruse the surveys of genuine clients, which have been distributed since it dispatched. You can discover video audits on YouTube and the authority Discord channel, just as various surveys at Trustpilot and Facebook.

In our site we listed most trusted Electronic Mystery Boxes sites. They are:

  1. HypeDrop 1️⃣🔝

  2. DatDrop 2️⃣💝

  3. Drakemall 3️⃣💎

  4. Lootie 4️⃣✅

  5. Hybe 5️⃣⬆️

  6. JemLit 6️⃣⬆️