CS2 (CS:GO) Odds: Best CS2 Betting Odds in 2024

Do you want to know why many gamblers are only interested in the highest CS2 betting odds? If that is the case, you came to the right place because, in this guide, we will discuss all there is about CS2 odds, starting with different types of odds, the best betting markets that will put you in profit, and much more. On top of that, you will get a list of sites with the best CS2 betting odds, so make sure you do not miss out on this piece.

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What are CS2 Betting Odds?

If you are just starting your betting campaign and struggling to comprehend how CS:GO odds work, let us help you. In the eyes of the betting sites, odds represent a chance of certain outcomes happening.

Let’s go over it with an example. If Team Liquid odds of winning are 5.00, this means that betting sites do not believe that this outcome is going to happen hence why the odds are higher. Contrary to that, the odds on Vitality to beat Team Liquid are set to 1.20. This represents the likeliest outcome that the betting sites believe will happen.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to read odds. In our opinion, the easiest ones to understand are decimal odds. However, American and Fractional odds are also highly popular in certain countries around the globe.

Best CS:GO/CS2 Odds Sites in May 2024

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What Types of CS2 Odds Are Available

We already briefly touched base on different types of CS:GO odds. Below, we will break down the ones commonly found across popular betting sites. It is important to mention that in the end, different types of odds lead to the same thing and there are no differences in lines.

Decimal Odds

Let’s begin with the decimal odds. These odds are presented to you by a number that can’t be less than 1. To put things into perspective, this number is the amount of money you would win if you placed a $1 bet on it.

We can also go over this with an example. If the odds of a team winning are 1.50, a $10 bet would win you a total of $15. However, you need to be aware that with these odds, the initial wager is calculated in winnings, which means you are winning $5 in profit.

American Odds

As the name suggests, these odds are commonly used in the US, and they are very easy to understand and use if your single betting unit is $100. There are two stories to this one. Firstly, favorites are coming in with a minus(-). On the other hand, underdogs will have a plus(+) next to their name.

A minus is read as follows: If a team has -400 odds of winning, this means that you need to wager $400 to win $100. Conversely, odds of +700 suggest that for every $100 wagered, you are entitled to win $700.

Fractional Odds

To be honest, fractional odds are very hard to understand as they require certain mathematic skills. Every time you see odds coming in with a slash sign(/), you should know that these are fractional odds. This is how fractional CS2 odds work.

If you have the odds 5/1 in front of you, the number on the left represents how much money you will win. However, the number on the right determines how much you need to wager. Here is the match behind the example we provided. For every $1 you stake(number on the right), you will win $5(number on the left).

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong CS2 betting odds are not hard to understand as they also revolve around plus and minus signs. However, these odds are based on how much you are going to win based on the wagered number of units.

Here is the additional and important information you need to know about. If the odds are under 1, the team should be considered favorite and you will profit less than the amount you wagered. If the odds are set to 1, you should expect a match that can go both sides. Lastly, if the odds are above 1, you can win more than you wagered.

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Difference Between Decimal, Fractional And American Odds

Before we dig deep into the differences between CS2 betting odds, we need to mention the fact that most online betting platforms will allow players to shuffle between different types of odds. With that being said, you will not have to master reading them all but rather stick to the one that you prefer.

To figure out the difference between the types of odds we just mentioned, it would be for the best if we went over it with an example. We want to bet on Team Spirit winning the upcoming CS2 Major. Here are the odds:

  • Decimal: 5.00 – Multiple your wager with this number and deduct the wager to find out how much profit you can make.
  • American: +400 – With this one, you need to wager $100 to have a chance of winning $400.
  • Fractional: 4/1 – This means that for every $1 you wager, you are entitled to $4 in profit.

Odds Before the Match Starts and In-Play Betting Odds

Pre-match betting and live betting are completely different things, and the odds for the same bets with these options can greatly vary. Before we dig deep into this, let’s cover the basics. Once you place a pre-match bet, that means that the wager is put in before the kick-off. Usually, this means that you can place a bet even a month before the match starts.

However, an in-play bet can only be placed once the match has started. The most important difference between these two bets revolves around the CS2 betting odds moving constantly. To properly explain the difference, here is a valid example.

Astralis is about to face off against G2. Pre-match CS:GO odds on G2 are set to 1.5, while Astralis to win odds are determined at 3.00. In the early stages of the game, Astralis found a lot of success, and the live betting odds rapidly changed in their favor based on the actual information that the betting sites were receiving.

That said, you can probably figure out that there is serious money to be made through live betting, especially if the favorite team starts slow, as the odds of them winning the match will significantly increase if they start losing.

best cs2 odds

Betting Markets That Offer Competitive Odds and Feature Safe Betting Opportunities

Nowadays, finding a bookmaker that covers all of the important aspects including high odds, safe, and secure betting is hard to find. Another important aspect of the best CS2 betting odds and sites revolves around the betting markets those platforms offer. For more information, refer to the table below.

Betting Market Description
Total Number of Rounds Played(Over/Under) This one is all about you doing the due diligence and proper analysis. Given that there are a total of 26 rounds played, you need to figure out whether the match is going to be close, or if one team has a big advantage and capitalize on this betting market.
Round Handicap Betting Handicap betting in Counter-Strike 2 provides an excellent way to reduce the gap between two teams which is perfect for claiming higher odds. The way this one works is simple. A favorite team is coming in with a – which means that they are starting the match with a deficit. Contrary to that, the underdog starts with a + which means that they have a virtual advantage.
Correct Score More often than not, CS2 tournaments feature best-of-three matches during the playoffs. This means that you can try to predict a correct score for the entire match. For example, a bet on a team to win 2:0 will significantly increase the odds.
Pistol Round Winner This is yet another betting market tailored just for CS2 fans and gamblers. As you probably know, two guaranteed pistol rounds are played on every map, and they are very important. This bet allows you to pick a winner of a first or second pistol round.
Player Kills(Over/Under) In comes another unique and rewarding bet. Certain sites allow predictions on the number of kills for each competing player. For instance, you can bet on ZywOo getting 18+ kills on a map

How to Determine Winnings

If you want to figure out how much money you can win when placing a bet, there is a simple formula that you can use. At the time of writing, decimal odds are commonly used by the majority of gamblers, hence why we are going to showcase how to calculate winnings based on these types of CS2 odds.

The logic behind this one is simple: All you have to do is multiply the odds of your betting slip by the amount you want to wager. Let’s say that the total odds are 15.5, and you want to wager $50. This is the exact formula: 15.5 x 50 = $775. Keep in mind that you need to deduct the wager, which is $50 in this case, which leaves $725 in profits.

Sites With the Best CS2 Betting Odds

Whoever is into CS2 match betting to make serious money should look for the best CS2 betting odds available on the market. More often than not, players will sign up for an account with different platforms can compare the odds and place wagers on the best ones. Below, you can find top operators regarding the quality of odds.

1. CSGORoll

If CS2 gambling is your passion, then you must have stumbled upon CSGORoll. Alongside offering numerous casino games, this platform also comes with high CS2 odds that you can use to your advantage. Slowly but surely, you will start to increase your bankroll just by placing bets here because the odds are more than rewarding.

csgoroll cs2 odds

We should also touch base on the fact that CSGORoll offers a wide range of CS2 matches to bet on and includes three different betting types: pre-match, live, and tournament betting. Pair that with a generous welcome offer, and you have a perfect betting site.

2. Gamdom

Gamdom is another platform on our list offering high CS:GO odds. On top of that, this website includes a variety of promotions, excellent coverage of esports and sports events, and a dedicated casino section with numerous exclusive games to play.

gamdom best odds

We should also inform you that Gamdom caters to all types of bets, including pre-match, outright, and in-play betting. It is also worth noting that quite a few betting markets are waiting for you on this website, like a dedicated live stream, so you do not miss out on the action while placing CS2 bets. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this site.

3. CSGOEmpire

Even though most gamblers will only think about CSGOEmpire as a skins gambling platform, we need to state that they would be wrong. Offering casino games is not all that is available here, as CSGOEmpire put in place fantastic and rewarding CS2 betting odds anyone can capitalize on.

csgoempire betting odds

This site also offers an excellent sportsbook overlay that is easy to navigate. Moreover, dedicated betting types are available, including pre-match and in-play betting. We should also keep you informed about the fact that CSGOEmpire offers some of the highest live betting odds on the market, so make sure you do not miss out on those, especially if you are into live betting on Counter-Strike 2.

4. Stake

There are a lot of online crypto betting sites on the market right now, but only a handful of them will provide you with such high odds as Stake offers. To make things even better, the coverage if phenomenal and you can place bets even on tier-three events.

stake odds

As for the betting options, pre-match, live, and tournament bets are all available here. CS2 odds are also offered for various betting markets, including round handicap, correct score, pistol round winner, and much more. Keep in mind that Stake also offers a 200% deposit bonus of up to $3,000 if you apply the code “HELLA200”. This should set you on the right path even if you miss a few bets.

5. Roobet

Playing on Roobet has never been better, and we can easily prove that. First and foremost, this platform offers a generous welcome offer specifically tailored towards betting on sports and esports such as CS2. On top of that, CS2 betting odds are on par with some of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry.

roobet betting odds

Be aware of the fact that such competitive odds are available across different options, that being betting before the match starts, once it goes live, and before the tournament starts. There are also numerous betting markets, like a dedicated live stream for most Counter-Strike 2 matches.


The main objective of this tutorial was based on the fact that new players need to learn what types of odds are out there, and why are CS2 odds so important in the first place. If you paid close attention to this piece, you learned much, including how to read the odds and calculate winnings.

With the new knowledge you just received from us, it is time to test the waters by choosing one of the platforms with the best C2 betting odds. Make sure to capitalize on the welcome offer to get extra bang for your buck!


What Do Odds Represent in CS2?

In CS2, betting odds represent a chance of a certain outcome happening. In CS2 terms, we can say that odds represent a chance of a team winning. Keep in mind that the odds can come in different shapes and forms, including Decimal, Fractional, American, Hong Kong, and others.

What is the Reasoning Behind CS2 Odds Changing All the Time?

Regarding pre-match betting, we will see slight movements of odds based on how much money is being placed and on what outcome. However, once the match starts, the odds will start moving a lot because of the events that are taking place. This is why so many bettors are interested in CS2 live betting.

Is it Possible to Bet on CS2 Matches Once They are Live?

It is, and a big part of the betting community prefers CS2 live betting to pre-match options. You need to know that CS2 has a perfect pace for live betting, but punters need certain knowledge about the game, such as map statistics, economy management, etc.

What is the Best Way to Compare CS2 Betting Odds?

The ultimate goal is always placing bets on the highest CS2 betting odds. Although there are sites out there that allow players to compare odds from numerous platforms, we recommend signing up for an account with a couple of bookmakers and placing bets with the one that offers the best CS2 betting odds for the bet in question.

What Does it Mean to Place Bets on the Best Odds in CS2?

The terminology regarding CS2 odds can be tricky to comprehend, especially if you are just starting. All in all, placing a bet on the best odds in CS2 represents the highest possible odds on the market. Remember that the higher the odds, the better the return is if the bet comes through.

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