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Check out our list of the 4 best Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites in June 2024

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Toward the year’s endplate, golf producers and retailers love to advance “Secret Boxes.” A secret circle golf box is basically a mass arrangement of circles (commonly 5-12) you can buy where you don’t have a clue about the particulars of which circles you’ll get. The cost per circle of Mystery Boxes is undeniably not exactly MSRP. The way that you don’t have the foggiest idea what plates you’re getting is the reason these crates are secrets.

Secret boxes give an extraordinary way of getting plates for as little as possible. Large numbers of the makers additionally prefer to incorporate significantly restricted version gatherer circles to empower publicity for the item. Somehow or another, buying a secret plate golf box resembles betting, you may get a truly important circle, however at that point again you may not. Conceivable you’ll get a pile of plates that you could do without.

Best Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites in 2024

Rating Website Bonus code Claim here
1st HypeDrop HYPEHELLA Get 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
2nd DatDrop top100list Get +5% for first deposit for Free
3rd Drakemall GAMBLE_CSGO get $0.55 for Free
4th Lootie hellagood get 1 Box for Free

In the course of the most recent couple of years, we have seen an expanding interest in plate golf secret box arrangements and bundle sets which offer a mass part of circles for a minimal price. A large number of those secret box bargains available proposition a determination of plates by a solitary brand. Notwithstanding, around here at Infinite Disks, we needed to assembled a choice of mass parcels and secret “Arrangements Box” bargains that included a more extensive assortment of plates by different brands. That way we could focus on the more brave players. On the off chance that you love to investigate and toss a mishmash, these arrangements boxes are intended for you.

Why Mystery Boxes for Disk Golf?

There are two justifications for why Mystery Boxes are so famous.

  • Individuals love them. Circle Golfers love the unexpected factor and the worth. Recall that sensation of Christmas morning when you were a small child? That equivalent surge of fervor regularly happens when purchasing a secret circle golf box. Secret boxes are extraordinary for gifts, particularly when you don’t have the foggiest idea what sort of circles your plate golf player likes.
  • It’s an incredible way for plate golf organizations to dispose of abundance plastic and production line seconds before year’s end. Actually, it is hard for circle makers to expect how much interest each plate form and plastic sort will bring. It is exceptionally normal to see new circle forms that are extremely well known soon after beginning delivery, however at that point wagon in notoriety after the maker makes an exceptionally enormous second run. Since the greater part of the producers have the least value norms they need to keep up with, their most ideal way to “exchange” excess stock is by selling them in mass sets. This doesn’t mean these plates are terrible, they are frequently only not as famous as the maker expected.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites

Would it be advisable for me to Purchase a Mystery Disk Golf Box?

Secret Boxes are awesome in case you’re not searching for explicit circles or flight qualities. In case you are a more up-to-date circle golf player and are hoping to build your stockpile of potential on the course weapons, this is the most ideal way of doing it. With secret boxes, you will attempt new items that will assist you with figuring out what you like and what circle choices will shave strokes off your game.

Secret boxes are additionally amusing to buy with a gathering of companions. Split the plates or mess around to choose which of the secret circles every player gets. Playing a plate golf round with totally new circles is a pleasant test that adds extra components to the generally incredible round of plate golf. I energetically suggest Mystery Boxes for sporting round difficulties with your amigos.

In case you are a prepared circle golf player stubborn and have your plate golf sack in order, then, at that point, don’t squander your cash on Mystery Boxes. There is a great possibility you will simply be disillusioned with your parcel. It’s smarter to spend your cash on three circles that you realize you will like than seven plates that you may need.

Where to Buy Disk Golf Mystery Boxes?

There are heaps of secret boxes this season before the Christmas season and monetary year-end. Here is a rundown of spots that have, or will before long have Mystery Boxes this year:

Endless Disks Mystery BoxInfinite Disks Mystery Boxes – As the universes biggest circle golf retailer, Infinite Disks offers Disk Golf Mystery Boxes all year. The decent thing about Infinite Mystery boxes is that they incorporate circles from various brands which offer you a chance to attempt a wide range of makers and plastic sorts. Boundless Disks offers a wide range of secret boxes that can fit any spending plan. The most affordable are just $25 for five base plastic plates, yet there are likewise huge boxes that additionally incorporate 15 circles and an enormous circle golf pack. The most well-known Infinite Mystery Box is the 7 plate premium plastic Deals Box. Dissimilar to most other brand secret boxes, not many plates remembered for bargains boxes are misprints or processing plant seconds.

DGA Mystery Boxes – DGA is a lesser-known brand that is known essentially for its circle golf crates. Their circles are made by Discraft. This year DGA has presented various diverse secret boxes including a 10Pack, 5 Pack, and 3 Pack choices in the two misprints and stock stamp packs.

Discmania Mystery Boxes – Discmania Mystery BoxDiscmania is known for having very high worth collectible things (for the most part including Simon Lizotte and Eagle MacMahan signature plates) in their Mystery Boxes. Discmania Mystery boxes are regularly more costly than different brands, yet for Discmaniacs, this is actually the main decision and the way of getting a profoundly collectible circle at a deal cost.

Discraft Mystery BoxDiscraft Mystery Boxes – Discraft was one of the first makers of the Mystery Box. These crates are generally accessible starting the day after Thanksgiving and proposition an amazing worth on misprint and excess plates. The 10 circles misprint secret pack from Discraft gives provides you with a viable expense of just $6 per plate. These secret boxes remember circles for a wide range of plastic sorts. Discraft likewise offers various other misprint packs where you can pick by plastic sort.

Dynamic Disks Mystery BoxDynamic Disks – Dynamic Disk secret boxes incorporate 6 Disks for $60. These circles incorporate a wide range of plates from Dynamic Disks, Latitude 64, and Westside and are ensured to incorporate an assortment of putters, midrange circles, and drivers. To assist with expanding their promotion and worth, these cases frequently incorporate mark plates from a portion of their top visiting experts. They additionally incorporate a little choice of boxes with brilliant tickets great to recover high-worth items like crates and rucksacks.

Circle Golf Mystery BoxMVP Disk Sports – This is the primary year we have seen MVP Mystery Boxes. They are at present contributing three unique Mystery box choices. Their “Lab Second” box incorporates 20 circles for $150, the OOP Box incorporates 10 plates for $100, and their Swag Pack Mystery Box comprises principally of things that are not circles.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites

Disc Golf Mystery Box Deals

Regardless of whether you just need to investigate a small bunch of plates, or you need an entire heap, Infinite Disks has a few decisions to accommodate your mindset and financial plan. These arrangements boxes can contain a blend of plates with stock stamps, misprints, and competition stamps. All circles will be new, however may not all be stock stamp releases. Here is a gander at the bundle bargains as of now accessible at Infinite Disks:

Infinite Deals Box JR

This is a little secret box bargain that highlights just a small bunch of circles to look at. It can highlights circles from various brands. In any case, with just 5 circles, the assortment will not be as enormous. This case will contain the accompanying:

  • One putter.
  • One mid-range.
  • Three drivers include overstable and understable models.

Of the five plates in this Junior box, two of the circles might be in the financial plan, base plastic, and the other three circles will be in a premium or sturdy plastic mix. However the bundle set is classified “Junior” due to its size, it ought not to be thought to be simple toss plates for youthful players. The circles will for the most part be fine for players of any experience level to utilize.

Infinite Deals Box

This is by a wide margin the most famous secret box on the Infinite Disks site. This is a 7-circle assortment that will in a split second form your pack with an assortment of plates from various brands. This container will contain the accompanying:

  • One Putter.
  • A couple of Mid-Range Disks.
  • No less than one under stable driver.
  • Something like one overstable driver.
  • Circles from no less than 3 unique makers.

Of the seven circles in this Deals Box, none will be in base plastic. The putter or one of the different circles might be in mid-grade plastic, as in many putters, and the rest will be in the premium or more tough, enduring plastic mixes. Loads of the plates might fluctuate. Once more, this is an incredible assortment of circles in a solitary bundle with an assortment of employments on the plate fairway.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites

Infinite Deals Box XL

On the off chance that you are significantly bolder, or you have a greater financial plan, consider the 12-circle XL arrangements box. This is another secret box that is famous as a gift thought since it gives most extreme expectation and shock to any plate golf player who loves attempting new circles. Indeed, it will contain a blend of various plate brands. This XL box will contain the accompanying:

  • Two putters.
  • Something like three mid-range circles.
  • Seven drivers going from understandable to overstable.
  • Plates from something like 3 distinct makers.

Very much like with the standard Infinite Deals Box, this bigger form won’t contain plates in base plastic, however will contain putters (or now and again a mid-range) in a mid-grade plastic. Putters and approach circles are frequently well known with more hold. The remainder of the circles will be in tough, durable premium plastic mixes.


This is the biggest plate golf secret box presented by Infinite Disks. It has 15 plates from a wide assortment of brands yet in addition incorporates an enormous circle golf pack to heft them around the course. In the event that you truly need to astonish a circle golf player with an awesome gift, then, at that point, this is an incredible way of doing it–particularly if the player is new and needs to attempt a lot of plates while requiring a pack also. It can likewise be loads of good times for circle golf clubs where a lot of prizes are required at a low cost. This arrangements box incorporates the accompanying:

  • A few Putters.
  • Three to Five Mid-Range Disks.
  • A Variety of Drivers from Understable to Overstable.
  • Circles from somewhere around 3 distinct producers (typically more).
  • A huge shoulder-tie plate sack.

The plates included won’t be in base plastic, however, there might be a few putters or mid-range approach circles in mid-grade plastic for a better grasp. The remainder of the circles will be in sturdy, dependable premium plastic mixes for long-haul use.

The 5-Disk Budget Box

The most up-to-date expansion to our secret box choice at Infinite Disks is the 5-Disk Budget Box. This one contrasts with the Deals Box Jr since it is altogether centered around plates in base plastic. It’s intended to be an extremely reasonable way of getting a couple of plates for another circle golf player. Like with the Deals Box Jr, the set incorporates a putter, a mid-range plate, and three unique drivers. It is the sort of box that you can hand to anyone who needs to get into the game and they’ll have the fundamental instruments they need to get everything rolling for an exceptionally minimal price. That is 5 plates at a retail cost of just $29.99, which amounts to just $6 per circle. It will highlight an assortment of producer brands for an assortment and the circles will change around every now and then, just to keep things fascinating.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Disk Golf Package Sets

Maybe the plate golf secret boxes are not your style? In case you’re a player that prefers to know all the more explicitly what you’ll get, then, at that point, we can assist you with that also. Besides well-known circle golf starter sets which are designed for new players, there are additionally some brand-explicit bundle sets for players with a more engaged taste. How about we investigate a portion of those brand-explicit starter sets and Infinite Disks bundle bargains:

  • Endless Disks BEGINNER STARTER SET – Designed for the novice with lightweight putter, mid-reach and premium plastic driver.
  • Limitless Disks 2-Disk STARTER SET – The very fundamentals with a putter and premium plastic, simple toss driver.
  • INNOVA DX STARTER SET – One of the most well-known section level 3-circle sets with lightweight plates.
  • INNOVA CHAMPION STARTER SET – A more costly, solid starter set for amateurs who need longer-enduring plates.
  • VIKING Disks STARTER SET – A fun, reasonable starter set with a putter, mid-reach, and driver in base plastic, imported from Finland.
  • DYNAMIC Disks EASY-THROW STARTER SET – This is another 3-circle set intended for novices with plates that are generally light and simple to toss.
  • DYNAMIC Disks STARTER SET WITH BAG – This is a quality set for new players that likewise adds a fundamental, little sack to heft your new circles around the course.
  • MVP ELECTRON STARTER SET – The MVP brand is remarkable with their overmold “gyro” innovation edges, and this is a starter set for the individuals who need to attempt that one-of-a-kind circle plan. The electron plastic is a gentler, more reasonable mix.
  • MVP PREMIUM STARTER SET – The MVP brand is remarkable with their overmold “gyro” innovation edges. This is a starter set with more solid plastic. However more costly, the circles should endure significantly more.
  • DISCRAFT Disk GOLF SET – This is one more extremely well-known starter set in the market with simple to-toss, lightweight circles including a putter, mid-reach, and driver.
  • DISCRAFT DELUXE Disk GOLF SET – This is a move forward from the other Discraft starter set since it adds one more driver for circle assortment and a little plate golf pack to heft your plates around the course.
  • Scope 64 ADVANCED STARTER SET – If you needn’t bother with lightweight or simple toss plates, however need to begin with circles proper for transitional players, this is an ideal set for you.
  • INNOVA DX GLOW STARTER SET – If you need to take a stab at playing in obscurity with a bunch of essential sparkle in obscurity plates, Innova currently has a set for you, including a well known putter, mid-reach, and driver.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT STARTER SET FOR KIDS – This is a bunch of three exceptionally essential circles including a putter, mid-reach, and driver. Be that as it may, they are incredibly lightweight for little youngsters who need to join their folks or more seasoned kin on the course.
  • Inheritance 2-Disk SET – This is one more extremely fundamental pair of circles including a mid-reach and distance driver in base plastic. The two plates are proper for players with solid tossing arms and some experience who simply need to evaluate a couple well known circles by Legacy.
  • Limitless Disks 8-Disk LINE-UP – If you need an amazing arrangement on a total arrangement of plates from the Infinite Disks brand, this is an ideal way of making a plunge. For one low value, you can get an assortment of putter, approach, mid-reach, and drivers in quality plastic mixes.
  • COMPLETE Disk GOLF SET WITH SLINGER BACKPACK – This is one more assortment of 8 distinct circles from the Infinite Disks brand setup, It additionally incorporates a Disk Slinger knapsack to heft around your new assortment. Any player would have all that they need with this bundle set.

Which Starter Or Disk Golf Mystery Box Sets Have You Tried?

Have you attempted any starter sets or bundle bargains? Have you bought a secret circle box previously? Tell us which are your top choices! Kindly offer your remarks beneath and let us know about the most interesting circle you’ve found in a secret box. Or on the other hand perhaps you have a custom choice of circles that you’d suggest for new or experienced players who need to take a stab at a new thing? Go ahead and share!

Most trusted Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Sites:

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  2. DatDrop 2️⃣💝

  3. Drakemall 3️⃣💎

  4. Lootie 4️⃣✅

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