Dota 2 Bettting Sites: How to successfully place bets on Dota 2

Check the list of the 13 best Dota 2 betting sites in 2024

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ESport is steadily growing in market power, so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly popular with bookmakers. In the first place in the betting ranking the Game League of Legends must be named without a doubt, followed by StarCraft 2. In third place, however, in our opinion, Dota 2. The game is still relatively young, but inspires millions of gamers every day.

The best bookmakers for Dota 2 betting

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Dota 2 bet types – which Dota 2 bets do the bookmakers offer?

As diverse as the progression of the popular game can be, the betting offer for Dota 2 is just as diverse. The Dota 2 competitions are structured in such a way that there are a large number of options for the bookies.

Of course, you can bet on the winners of the individual matches and the winners of the tournaments. In contrast, there are usually special betting options for the major tournaments, i.e. the World Cup (The International) and the various major tournaments in the individual regions.

We have put together exemplary special bets in this list:

  • Reach the finals
  • Region of the winner
  • Group of the winner
  • Match handicap
  • Card 1=winner
  • Card 2=winner
  • Exact number of points per card
  • Total number of cards per match
  • Win at least one card

The best bookmakers for Dota 2 betting 2021

The most important point in this guide is of course the idea of potentially good providers with whom you can place eSport bets on Dota 2.

In the eSports area, many new bookies have placed themselves in the market in recent years and have made it into the top 10 and top 5 in many rankings young people are consumed. It is different, for example, with football bets.

The following three betting providers provide you with a strong overall package for Dota 2 bets and will certainly give you a lot of fun in the future. First place is a well-known and highly valued bookie, but second and third place follow real insider tips.

1. Dota 2 bets at Unikrn

dota 2 betting

Unikrn has started to link sports betting with eSports more closely and in a more revolutionary way. And that’s what the young bookie managed to do. No other eSports-focused provider can generate so many live streams and manage to inspire the new generation of sports betting fans in terms of look and feel and language.

The range of Dota 2 bets is of course one of the more impressive on the bookmaker market. You will find a lot of live bets, live streamers and also classic pre-game bets. You can bet a Dota game anywhere in the world around the clock.

At Unikrn there are also revolutionary betting options, such as UMode, where you can bet on a game of your own.

2. Dota 2 betting at

dota 2 betting sites is a bookie that is not yet well known in the scene, but he certainly has the potential to become one. Because especially in the ever-growing eSport and gaming scene, can score with a wide range and variety. The advantages of bookies go even further. Free payouts, many payment options and, most importantly, live streams.

In our opinion, it is very important to be able to follow the events live, especially when it comes to gaming bets. This not only means that bets that are accurate to the minute or to the second are possible, but you can also see how events are developing, making it easier to predict possible outcomes. can score with a solid new customer bonus of 100 percent to 200 euros. The betting company’s license comes from Curaçao, one of the strictest regulators in the world. This guarantees a high level of seriousness and security for the players and ensures additional attractiveness. You should keep an eye on FezBet, especially as eSport fans.

3. Dota 2 bets at

bookmakers for Dota 2 betting

There are also numerous eSports offers at the bookmaker The Bookie does not rely on quantity in the amount of sports, but on a huge quantity within the sports. This means that not only football fans get their money’s worth, especially in the eSports area sees great potential and accordingly offers several different events. Dota 2 also appears prominently. And intends to expand this offer in the future.

Because is aware of the attractiveness and the new possibilities of eSports and, in addition to Dota 2, also offers games such as Counter-Strike or League of Legends for betting. And not only for established eSports tournaments, but also for emerging markets such as some eSports leagues with the game title FIFA 20 from EA Sports are represented. also wants to expand this area further.

Another plus point for is that the provider has a live stream offer and you can follow many events live. Most players know how important this is for the well-considered placement of bets. Behind the bookie is AK Global N.V., known as a regulated company for crypto gambling.

Our tips for successful Dota 2 bets

As attractive as the betting odds for the Dota 2 games are, we only recommend your stakes if you have really dealt with your opponents beforehand.

Tip 1: Always be the best informed!

You should already know which players belong to a team and what special strengths these players have. There are countless Dota 2 information portals on the Internet where you will surely find the statistics and balance sheets you want.

Tip 2: Do not place tips on events for which you have no weakness!

You should already be a certain type of gambler, understand the Dota 2 game and, of course, belong to the active community yourself. It also helps to follow the events in the live stream so that the progress of the game is always in view. This also enables the targeted placement of live bets, a very popular method in many places to make good profits quickly.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the shape of the players!

It is important that you orientate yourself a little on the shape curves of the players when betting Dota 2 with real money. This point is often neglected. The computer games are not based on luck, but on skill. The top players train for several hours a day. If the concentration is not right, the desired results will not be achieved. In this case, eSport – in our case Dota 2 – does not differ from “normal” sporting events.

Tip 4: Are you good Dota 2 players? Use the UMode from Unikrn!

If you are not only familiar with Dota 2 and want to place bets, but also have a good command of the game, then you should stop by Unikrn. There you will find the UMode offer. An offer where you play yourself and bet on this game. Sounds too simple to be true. But the bookie has found a good and fair solution that will certainly challenge you as a gamer.

Unikrn offers you various selections of maps and tasks, such as “Win the Warzone”. You pick out one of the challenges, bet on any additional betting markets (for example, on winning the game) and have the result of the game and thus your betting slip in your own hands.

Can I wager a bonus with Dota 2 bets?

The Dota 2 bets contribute fully to the free spins of the bonuses with almost all bookmakers. It is only important that you do not bet on long-term bets in order to unlock the betting bonus with Dota 2. In this case it is possible that the evaluation period collides with the play-through conditions. The betting tips on the individual encounters, however, are recommended.

With all bookies where eSports and Dota 2 bets can be found regularly in the betting program, you can use the bonuses for Dota 2 bets the other way round. So if you get a free bet for your loyalty, for example, a popular way of rewarding customers with many providers, you can in most cases use it for Dota 2 bets. And that’s exactly why we want to show you afterwards which different betting options are available to you.

Dota 2 live betting – what to look out for

With some betting providers you can also find live bets. Some like Unikrn even offer you live streamers that you can watch directly and place live bets. However, make sure that the betting markets are then of course somewhat restricted.

Usually you can bet on winning team A or team B and a draw. Occasionally there are also other betting markets such as handicap bets, more precisely Score, Map Winner or Draw No Bet bets.

The world rankings of the Dota 2 teams

To make it easier for you to start betting in the Dota 2 area, we have compiled the world rankings for Dota eSport teams for you below. You should therefore incorporate the following information into your individual betting considerations. Since Dota 2 does not offer uniform worldwide rankings, we have linked you to the official Dota 2 page, on which you can find the rankings for each continent clearly displayed.

dota 2 bet

Dota 2 tournaments to bet on

At this point we want to bring you closer to the most popular Dota 2 tournaments and show you where you can place your bets. There are dozen of events throughout the year where Dota teams compete against each other. The most renowned are:

  • The International (the world Championship)
  • ESL (Electronic Sports League) with several events spread over the year
  • MDL (Mars Dota League) with many events in China

The everyday working life of a Dota 2 player

Have you always wanted to know how a Dota 2 professional organizes his everyday life or you just can’t imagine it at all? The fan film Free To Play shows the life of a professional Dota 2 player. The film shows us the beautiful moments of the professional players on stage, but also everything that we as viewers do not notice. The players are under enormous pressure to perform, similar to athletes in other professional sports, they always have to prove themselves.

Because gaming is their main occupation in many cases, their standard of living depends largely on whether they can win big competitions and attract sponsors.

One can roughly imagine what that does to self-expectation, but watch the film, which has reached over six million views, for yourself and let yourself be inspired. And maybe you will take some inspiration for your eSports and Dota 2 bets with you.

Dota 2 at a glance

As you probably already realize, Dota is a video game that has a huge following on the computer. Dota stands for “Defense of the Ancients”, in German “Defense of the ancients”.

Dota is considered the founder of the so-called “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” genre and was described by the German computer magazine “PC Games” as “the most famous and one of the most popular strategy game mods in the world”.

The player controls his heroes from a bird’s eye view. Usually five players always compete against each other. So-called cards are played, which are divided into three lanes. The goal of each round is to destroy the opponent. Before the game starts, each player chooses his superhero from 99 options. The heroes are classified into the categories of strength, dexterity and intelligence. With every round won, the hero’s skills increase.

The Dota 2 game was launched in July 2013. The game was programmed by IceFrog, who was responsible for the first Defense of the Ancients game, but under a different pseudonym. Behind Dota is the American Value Corporation, which has won a dispute over the naming rights against Blizzard Entertainment in the past. The game “Blizzard All-Stars” is also a game development that was programmed on the basis of the first part of Dota.

The best players face each other in individual and team duels around the world. After the world championship in Dota 2 in 2019 was endowed with a prize money record of around 34 million dollars, everyone has known since then how much money the game can be about. The 2020 World Cup would even have been endowed with 40 million US dollars, but was initially postponed due to the pandemic.

Of course, we all rarely reach $34 million using conventional betting methods, but you can still win good profits if you are sufficiently informed and of course have the necessary bit of luck. As in every sport, there are favorites in Dota 2 eSports tournaments, which are then given “worse” odds.

If you have never had contact with eSports betting: In principle, the odds distribution works in the same way as in football, basketball or all other sports. Based on statistics, previous results and the current form, the odds of each player and team are calculated.

FAQ – Dota 2 Bets

❓ What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a video game of the genre “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” and one of the pioneers in this genre on the market. Millions of gamers play the game all over the world, the last world championship was endowed with prize money of 34 million US dollars.

❓ How prominent is the Dota 2 esports scene?

Wherever there is a lot of money, there are often many who would like to win this money. Accordingly, there are a bunch of Dota 2 teams competing for the lucrative prizes in the big tournaments. The best known team in the scene is Evil Geniuses.

❓ Which betting tips help with successful Dota 2 bets?

Basically, the classic betting tips will also help you with Dota 2 bets. In addition to the extensive collection of statistics and information about the desired events, this also includes the necessary ounce of luck. Especially for Dota 2, it can be said that it helps to follow the events in the live stream so that the progress of the game is always in view.

❓ Which bookmakers offer Dota 2 bets?

Basically, more and more betting providers are offering Dota 2 or eSports bets. Of course, the odds are not the same everywhere. And the variety within eSports betting also differs from provider to provider.

❓ Which are the best bookmakers?

In our opinion, the best bookmakers for Dota 2 bets are Unikrn, and All bookmakers have an attractive range of Dota 2 bets, a good overall range of eSports bets and many other advantages as well.

Conclusion: Dota 2 bets can be worthwhile, but you need the right bookie

Dota 2 is a game that has fans and players all over the world and has a huge community. This is also one of the reasons that the game is becoming more and more popular with betting providers.

The prize money at the major tournaments speaks volumes for how relevant the game is in eSports. The only question left is: What is the best way to bet on Dota 2? We have given you some tips on how you can minimize your risk of missing your bets. And very important: you need a bookie that you trust. With our top 3 bookies for Dota 2 bets, we have hopefully given you a helpful approach.

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