Best PUBG skins in 2024

Arham Imran Published: Jun 12, 2024 12:21 Updated: Jun 12, 2024 12:06

Best PUBG skins in 2024

In any shooting game, everyone wants to dominate the battleground with their aim and KDA and the skins they have equipped. Who wouldn’t want to dominate the battlefield in style? Today, we’re diving into the crème de la crème of fashion in the field: the best skins in PUBG so that your appearance can be just as intimidating as your arsenal. Sometimes, they are flamboyant so that the player stands out as he glides from the sky in a parachute or is quiet and sleek to provide the right mood when sniping enemies. Still, skins are not just vanity items, as they allow you to show your personality and do something unique in a world where most other players wear standard military camouflage. Let’s gear up and dive into the best and rare skins gamers can find in PUBG!

1. The Fool For M416

pubg fool for m416

Get yourself The Fool skin for the M416 and raise your level. The finish is shiny purple and violet-pink to scare your enemies, and the joker sticker indicates that only those who are brave enough should pick this weapon. Packed with such features as the special loot crate and fool surprise, this skin was highly sought after when it was still up for sale, and now, it would not be believed how many players would want it to be in their possession.

2. L&Q Chicken For M762

pubg L&Q Chicken for M762

The L&Q Chicken Skin for the M762 is one of the best skins in PUBG. It boasts a stylish dark yellow barrel with an orange finish and a distinctive chicken beak design (hence the name). Visually, it is pretty easy to see why it is so beloved. It debuted in the Royale Pass crate, and how it looks non-conventional and entertaining proves your individuality in the world of PUBG. It is a scarce bird, so snatch it when it appears on the store’s shelves.

3. Draconian Champion For M16A4

pubg draconian champion For M16A4

Speaking of skins, the M16A4 has the Draconian Champion skin, which is as classy as possible. The skins feature a mix of gold and black color design that is attractive to the eye, making you run around the battlegrounds, killing people while showing off your sleek style and sharpshooting skills. Debuting in Season 9 for those with Royale Pass, it’s the kind of skin that makes a statement in the battleground thanks to its classiness.

4. Mauve Avenger For AWM

pubg mauve avenger for AWM

The Mauve Avenger for AWM should have your attention for those into classy yet deadly skins. It has a dark purple base, and the light pattern will enhance and become more flashy through upgrades, which is one of the main reasons it is one of the best PUBG skins. To get your hands on the Mauve Avenger, you would need the lady luck to shine in your favor and have some UC at hand. You can get this skin through the Lucky spin, but you should know you only have a 3% chance of drawing this skin. Despite that, it is still one of the best skins in PUBG.

5. Desert Fossil For AKM

pubg desert fossil for AKM

Desert Fossil AKM skin is one of the rarest and best PUBG skins. This skin not only looks awesome but is also legendary and very hard to get your hands on without having a considerable amount of luck in your favor. This sleek skin involves a dark purple body color and a graphical wave light pattern along the middle of the weapon. As you level up the skin, this pattern becomes even more drastic, becoming increasingly brighter and more colorful until it replaces the entire skin of your AKM with a cool laser light show.

6. Godzilla for AMV

pubg godzilla for amv

This skin isn’t named Godzilla for nothing, as it is designed for the AWP, the most powerful gun in PUBG. While you can one-shot your targets with this weapon, you can do the same in style with this skin. It boasts a black and sky blue color combination with a scale-like design on the gun. This skin was released for free due to a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Godzilla vs. Kong when the movie was released.

7. Glacier For M416

pubg glacier for M416

Glacier is one of the best skins in PUBG, and for good reason. With its icy blue design, you can show off your cold aim in style and make a statement on the battlefield. This skin comes for the M416 gun, a popular player choice. One of the standout features of this skin is the ability to customize it with an On-Hit Effect to provide a custom glowing spark effect whenever you land a shot on an enemy. Apart from that, you can even get a death crate for your kills where you can show it to defeated enemies with a kill message of your choice to show off. If you are lucky, you can get your hands on this skin in the Classic Crate.

8. Gold Pirate For AKM

pubg gold pirate for AKM

The Gold Pirate skin exudes luxury at one glance, which is understandable since it features a gold finish. On top of that, it features plenty of pirate symbols, so if you are a Pirates of the Caribbean or One Piece fan, you’ll want to pick this up and go on an adventure in your ranked pubs. Since this skin is the gold version of Seven Seas AKM, you’ll need to get that skin and collect the required items to unlock this variant.

9. Moonlit Grace For Kar98K

pubg moonlit grace for Kar98K

Just like Kar98k is a well-known weapon in the game for veterans and casual players, the Moonlit Grace is one of the most well-renowned skins for this gun. This skin comes with a gold theme and a crystal blue and purple finish, making it an eye-catcher wherever you go. While the Moonlit Grace was originally released through the Lucky Spin at a discounted price from January 27 to February 16, 2021, you can still get your hands on this skin through the Lucky Spin if you get lucky.

10. 8-Bit Unicorn For M762

pubg 8-bit unicorn for M762

The 8-Bit Unicorn skin for the M762 is a real head-turner with a striking blue and black theme and a playful Unicorn sticker right in the center. With its unique artwork and design, this skin stands out among the best PUBG skins. But there’s more to this skin than just its eye-catching design. What sets the 8-Bit Unicorn skin apart is its unique kill message with a unicorn sticker, adding a touch of fun to your victories. That said, the 8-Bit Unicorn is a very rare skin for M762 and not easy to get your hands on as it is not up for purchase in the store and can only be found in look boxes in the game.

Arham Imran
Arham Imran

Published: Jun 12, 2024 12:21

Updated: Jun 12, 2024 12:06

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