Best CS2 Crosshairs: Codes by PRO Players 2024

Arham Imran Published: Jun 11, 2024 20:34 Updated: Jun 11, 2024 20:34

Best CS2 Crosshairs: Codes by PRO Players 2024

We heard you’ve been looking for ways to elevate your gameplay through advanced settings. Well, you’ve certainly found the right place. This article will revolve around CS2 Crosshair settings, which define a player’s precision and accuracy. Hence, the perfect crosshair can make all the difference.

Since many settings and customizations are available in CS2 for crosshair, we figured it might be favorable for you if we shared all the top ones with you. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see all the best CS2 Pro crosshairs in 2024.

Best CS2 PRO Crosshairs

We selected some of the most favorable and popular CS2 crosshairs available in 2024. These crosshairs are used by many of the world’s greatest players. However, you must remember that crosshairs will differ in size depending on your monitor’s resolution. So, with that being clear, let’s take a look at the top CS2 crosshairs.

s1mple Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-oFAwN-MaLcu-z8VqG-5dQ6u-ioZ4A

s1mple crosshair code

This code is known by the name of one of the best CS2 players of all time, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. He is known for his incredible aim and clutch performances, which he has demonstrated in multiple team competitions, playing for team Na’Vi, and turning tides in the online gaming industry.

NiKo Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-dttJW-7aANj-4ht2u-ikR2k-KLOdD

NiKo crosshair code

NiKo, otherwise known as Nikola Kovac, is a Bosnian CS2 player renowned for his exceptional rifling skills and high-precision gameplay. A concrete team member of G2 Esports, NiKo is known for his top-tier performances in international tournaments, and his ability to deliver in high-pressure situations has made him secure a top spot.

ZywOo Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-MSaLJ-BQYqi-2VrW8-eWvkE-95DeH

ZywOo crosshair code

Mathieu Herbaut is an influential CS2 pro player representing France under the game name ZywOo. He is often renowned as a prodigious talent in the CS2 scene and plays for team Vitality, which has quickly given him the platform to rise with his accurate aiming and precise movements.

m0NESY Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-MGfkx-7pGcR-8uYwp-vy7KN-BNuDC

monesy crosshair code

m0NESY is a highly renowned Russian CS2 player who is popular for his sensational playing style for G2 Esports. Ilya Osipov has gained a quick name in the industry due to his excellent AWP skills and faster reflexes than most players, making him a treat to watch for enthusiasts.

donk Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-w9chJ-Bp5TB-xasAx-W7Hsj-sPUdE

donk crosshair code

David Čerňanský, more famously known as donk in the CS2 industry, is an emerging star in the professional CS2 industry belonging to Slovakia. The guy possesses serious aiming skills and quick, decisive power, making him a potentially strong ally in tournaments and competitions.

device Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-oPawf-9nYBN-yLACF-dvLDe-45RQA

device crosshair code

Nicolai “device” Reedtz has proclaimed a legendary status in the industry and is currently playing with Astralis at the peak of his career. The player has won numerous championships and led his team to victories due to his calm demeanor and strategic approach to the game, defending his title one too many times.

ropz Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-pyfo8-9u7sN-RaWpz-ijNzE-fp7JE

ropz crosshair code

Robin Kool, more famously known as ropz is an Estonian CS2 player that has made his name in the professional CS2 industry quite quick. Currently playing with one of the biggest gaming teams in the world, FaZe Clan, he is well-reputed for his impeccable maneuvering and game sense, and there’s no doubt that his mechanical skills are second to none.

Twistzz Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-MlSuR-Zp7tW-EW5mc-dOChP-O5hrE

twistzz crosshair code

Another famous member of the Faze Clan, Russel Van Dulken, with the gamer tag Twistzz, is a Canadian CS2 player known for his exceptional rifling and extremely versatile gaming nature. This guy fazes his opponents by adapting to extreme scenarios, recording timing, and making quick decisions. His superior aiming skills cover the rest.

sh1ro Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-Rp5Lc-7hS38-z8V5H-T97SE-ukLZE

sh1ro crosshair code

Representing Cloud 9, next on the list, we have sh1ro featuring one of my most distinct CS2 pro crosshairs that he uses to demonstrate his exceptional skills with AWP. Besides that, sh1ro is one of the fastest-growing professionals in the industry, and he quickly grew due to his calm and calculated approach in high-pressure situations.

Ax1Le Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-9aU6o-zpQ4m-BJKLg-Qo8Xu-JeBvG

ax1le crosshair code

Ax1Le is a prominent Russian CS2 player known by his name Serget Rykhtorov. He is a master of rifling skills and exceptional consistency. Regularly proving his formidable presence in the Cloud 9 team, he has led his team to victory in numerous competitions and is often remarked as a critical component of his team.

blameF Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-VyLfD-ikTXs-JiRWm-6ET7N-QPHbG

blamef crosshair code

Another Danish CS2 pro, Benjamin Bremer, with the gamer tag blameF, is a critical team player from Astralis who is renowned for his tactical intelligence and outstanding rifling skills. He also stands out with his superb leadership abilities and won numerous international championships before joining Astralis.

YEKINDAR Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-TpW6a-uMSN3-9z73x-Phk2u-QPLdG

yekindar crosshair code

YEKINDAR stands out among other pro players because he likes to make a loud statement on the battlefield with his aggressive playing style in CS2. This playing style is further complimented by his superb fragging abilities, which help his teammates breach into the enemy’s positions, thus creating opportunities for them while he slays enemies on his own.

ELiGE Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-6cWpL-GmOQA-RymMx-oLXTj-cpaRO

elige crosshair code

Jonathan “ELiGE” Jablonowski is a famous American CS2 pro player who has wrapped the CS2 pro enthusiasts around his finger with his strategic thinking and tactical leadership capabilities. Known as the key player of Team Liquid, ELiGE has earned a significant reputation for his sharp aiming abilities and quick reflexes, making him one of the top players in the industry.

KSCERATO Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-GmT2a-y9DRO-XtvHb-QmyNT-OBnLA

kscerato crosshair code

Kaike Cerato, shortly known as KSCERATO, is a Brazilian professional CS2 player who plays for FURIA Esports and is very popular for his extraordinary rifling skills and the art of clutching. He has saved his team multiple times with his superb clutch moments, and enthusiasts love to watch him under pressure as he leads his team to success and victory.

stavn Crosshair Code

CS2 Code: CSGO-HaR79-MQ3jX-EWbMf-KET2W-Dp6fA

stavn crosshair code

Martin Lund is also a Danish professional player currently playing for Heroic. He has claimed the stage with his versatility and consistent high-level performances, proving to be a worthwhile professional CS2 player to watch due to his exceptional team strategies incorporated by him.

Additional CS2 Pro Crosshairs

In addition to the ones listed above, you can choose any of the crosshairs below. Just make sure it fits your needs and elevate your gameplay.

Player (Team) CS2 Crosshair Code Short Info of Player
rain (FaZe Clan) CSGO-4K2hA-QTu8Y-7qPzQ-YcJHu-OPt6D Norwegian rifler known for his explosive entry fragging and consistent high-level play.
dev1ce (Astralis) CSGO-oPawf-9nYBN-yLACF-dvLDe-45RQA Danish AWP legend celebrated for his strategic gameplay and numerous MVP awards.
electronic (Na’Vi) CSGO-X9p1K-NhTiZ-v6JaB-QbWkA-UYZbD Russian rifler known for his tactical intelligence and impactful in-game leadership.
ropz (FaZe Clan) CSGO-pyfo8-9u7sN-RaWpz-ijNzE-fp7JE Estonian star with exceptional game sense and mechanical skill, a key player for FaZe.
hunter (G2 Esports) CSGO-YcKPA-p7AnW-5bV6T-GHbTY-fO8PA Serbian rifler known for his consistency and clutch performances in high-stakes matches.
Brollan (NIP) CSGO-8a6jQ-MRqiU-CL7TX-vh7Pd-oNm8D Swedish talent, famous for his aggressive playstyle and sharp aim, is a core part of NIP.
Jame ( CSGO-R3bEj-vQf6Y-K2Eut-XyLjM-KaQ3D Russian AWPer, recognized for his strategic mind and calculated gameplay approach.
Dupreeh (Vitality) CSGO-BF7pM-Kq2LT-EPF4Y-K27hV-YDPdD Danish veteran with a wealth of experience and numerous championships to his name.
karrigan (FaZe Clan) CSGO-9mH7K-L8j6W-FP9hQ-RmLQJ-9Bu8E Danish in-game leader is known for his strategic brilliance and ability to lead teams to victory.
frozen (MOUZ) CSGO-QLyTP-o7kYb-u4W5X-EqU7L-7HZ3D Slovakian Rifler, was praised for his youthful talent and consistent performances on MOUZ.

How to Apply Crosshair Codes in CS2

Applying crosshairs in CS2 is a simple process, thanks to CS2’s user-friendly interface. However, if you’re new to the platform and don’t know what it’s all about, just follow these steps:

  • 🔼 Launch CS2: Open the CS2 game on your computer or launch it from your Steam account.
  • 🔼 Access the Console: Go to Settings > Game > Enable Developer Console to turn on the developer console.
  • 🔼 Open Console: Press the “~” key to bring up the console on your computer.
  • 🔼 Enter the Code: Once the console is up, enter the complete CS2 crosshair code you want. Make sure to double-check the digits that you are entering, and it’s preferred that you just copy it straight from the source.
  • 🔼 Confirm Settings: After pressing the Enter key, the game automatically applies the new crosshair.

Creating the Ultimate New Crosshair

There’s certainly nothing bizarre in not finding a perfect crosshair for yourself because there surely isn’t any perfect crosshair. This is because it all comes down to player preferences; whatever a player prefers in the in-game settings should be how he plays, and if they can’t find a similar crosshair, they’re better off making their own.

If you’re going through with building your crosshair, choose a standout color that doesn’t blend in with your surroundings. Moreover, you should avoid the yellow color, too, as it camouflages quite well in desert-based maps like Mirage, Anubis, and Dust 2.

It’s safe to say that most players go through with static crosshair styles. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying out Legacy options. You might even like the crosshair adjusting its size as you fire your weapon. It might be a great option for beginners, as it allows you to learn about recoil control.

On the other hand, make sure you critically adjust the cross-hair size. Don’t make it too big that it takes most of the screen, and don’t make it too small such that it hides when the action starts, and you have to struggle to find it. Enable the “T style” mode to remove the top line of your crosshair to make it easier to get headshots and slay your enemies.

Similarly, feel free to enable the “follow recoil” option, which automatically moves the crossbar when you’re firing to follow the recoil. This allows you to learn about recoil training as you can see where your shots are going. However, it won’t follow the shots when you shoot while moving, so make sure you’re not following the “Run & Gun” protocol with this option.

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