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The selection on the market of CS:GO casinos is large today and numerous providers present their many different portfolios. Rather “armed” with a classic offer is the Skinhub casino. Here, a certain amount is typically deposited into the player’s account, with which various boxes and skins can then be purchased. So there are no real games here, but all the more thrill when opening the cases. How the participation works exactly, whether Skinhub is serious and what other Skinhub experiences we have had, we will now explain in detail below.

How to use Skinhub free open code?

  1. Step 1. Register via Steam or Email on
    skinhub log in
  2. Step 2. After that click to “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT GET FREE $ TO OPEN CASES” button
    skinhub verify account
  3. Step 3. Click to “Claim a referral code ($0.50 – $1.00)” section.
    skinhub free money
  4. Step 4. Enter the code “csgoroute” and click the “Redeem Code” button and your account will get a free bonus to open cases with from $0.50 to $1.00.
    skinhub free code

Skinhub: An overview of our experiences

Already at the beginning of our test report it can be said that our Skinhub experience has been very positive. There is no need to worry, because we believe that fraud or rip-off can be completely ruled out. In addition, the individual offer is also convincing, because there is a large number of cases in the portfolio.

But that is not the only highlight, because at the same time gifts are always distributed to the players. All they have to do is adjust their Steam name a little and thus automatically secure the chance of one of the coveted prices. It is not uncommon for them to be first-class skins, such as the blood-smeared AK-47 Bloodsport. In our experience, the processing of deposits and “withdrawals” is also easy. So there are no real criticisms or weaknesses compared to the competition.

Is Skinhub legit?

If you take real money in your hand for participation in a CS:GO casino, you naturally want to be sure that the transaction will be processed safely and reliably. Fortunately, this is the case because the G2A Pay payment service involves a very well-known provider. Payments are always made securely and also land on your own account within a few seconds. So that speaks clearly for the provider and for the fact that Skinhub also works seriously. In addition, no negative experiences and feedback have been heard so far. Of course, this is also a clear sign against fraud, after all, players with bad experiences usually don’t stay long behind the mountain. All in all, everything speaks for the fact that customers are always treated fairly and safely when making a deposit and then paying out.

skinhub review

The offer at a glance

First of all, of course, your own account is opened. To do this, simply use the existing Steam account and then link it to the account. Registration is therefore not time-consuming, but completed within a very short time. Immediately afterwards, the deposit is made, which can be carried out with the payment service within a few moments. As soon as this step has been taken, the large selection in the portfolio can be used. For example, players can choose from numerous weapon cases that deal specifically with skins for only one weapon. The AK-47 case, for example, is one of the most popular cases and is inexpensive to have for 2.80 euros.

Which skins can be found in the respective case can also be viewed in advance by clicking on the box. In addition to the Ak-47, the portfolio also offers skins for numerous other weapons. This includes an M4A4 case, an AWP case, an M4A1-S case, a special knife case or a random case. The random case provides even greater thrills, since no special type of weapon is preferred here. The special CS:GO cases are also relatively new in the portfolio. For example, the Wildfire Case can be found here, which can contain numerous different skins. The selection is also rounded off time and again by special offers, such as the eSports 2014 Summer Case or the Dreamhack Winter Case.

Every now and then there are chances of a free skin, which is distributed to the players in the form of a giveaway. To secure participation in the raffle here, all you have to do is add the name of the casino to the Steam name. Even without any luck in the draws, it is possible to win skins from this provider.

Skinhub Deposit System: Payment always arrives safely

The payments to the player account in the casino are all made with the payment service G2A Pay. This means a high level of security for the players, because the payment service provider has been known for years for its reliable work in the CS:GO casinos. In addition, there are no problems or errors during payments. Instead, every transaction is carried out “cleanly” and also always ends up in the player’s account within a few moments. A Skinhub fraud is certainly not to be feared here, especially since there are usually no additional fees for the deposits. However, players can check all important information about the transactions at any time in the checkout area.

Security and regulation: no signs of fraud

Since Skinhub is not a real casino with games of chance, no official license on the part of the operator is necessary for the distribution of the portfolio. Nevertheless, according to our Skinhub experience, there is no need to worry, because, for example, there is complete protection in the event of payment default. In addition, the casino’s reputation among players is excellent, which is related to the fact that the provider has been doing good and reliable work for many years. In short: Even without a license, there is basically no doubt that Skinhub works seriously and that players can prepare themselves for fair and equitable handling.

Support and customer service

The casino provides a contact form on its website for contacting customer support. Here the players just have to leave their email address and the respective message. After the email has been sent, a response from the casino should have been received within 24 hours. The response time is therefore fully in line with the market average, but the support is only available in English. However, there are clear plus points for the FAQ area, in which numerous important questions are answered. In this case too, however, the section is only available in English. However, the questions and answers are not really incomprehensible, so that even limited knowledge of English should be sufficient.

Ease of use: exemplary design

In our experience with Skinhub, the provider did a great job designing the casino website. All players are provided with the most important information and offers directly on the homepage. In addition, all submenus of the homepage can be found in the upper image margin. For example, the view of the history is arranged directly next to the “Home” button. In addition, the FAQ section, customer support and information on the referral program can also be found here. Also noteworthy: The last winners are displayed on the home page, which naturally arouses the desire of each customer to participate. Viewed purely from the point of view of the optical design, the casino scores with many modern graphics and an attractive appearance. Criticisms cannot be made out on this point.

skinhub free open code

Conclusion: Large selection and great sight

The Skinhub test convinced the casino above all by the good selection in the portfolio and the strong visual design. In principle, the selection leaves nothing to be desired and includes, in addition to the special weapon cases, even more extensive CS:GO cases. In addition, free skins are distributed regularly, which keeps existing customers happy. With regard to the appearance, the modern design should be emphasized. At the same time, the structure of the website knows how to convince. All in all, our conclusion is very positive.

Freequently Asked Questions about

Is Skinhub legit?

Yes, Skinhub is a legitimate site and a safe for CS:GO case opening.

How do you enter a code on Skinhub?

Login and enter the code “csgoroute”, then click the “Redeem Code” button and your account will get a free bonus to open cases with from $0.50 to $1.00.

Can you deposit skins on Skinhub?

Yes, you can do this very easy. Just go to deposit section and choose “CS:GO Skin Deposits”

Can you make real money on Skinhub?

If you are lucky you can do that. But, don’t forget that with our code “csgoroute” you can get a money for free. Sounds great, no?

Claim a free Skinhub code for CS:GO case opening. Use code - "csgoroute"
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