Case Study: Sales and Marketing Services for Rehab Center which increased ROI by 270%


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How we helped local Rehab and Treatment centers increase their traffic, leads and ROI

Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Image 1. Pinnacle Treatment Centers Site

Pinnacle Treatment Centers Network is a recognized leader in comprehensive substance use services. All locations — Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia — are CARF – accredited and include credentialed physicians, nurses, clinicians, and administrative and support staff. 

But they even had bigger plans for growing. They wanted to continue they growing via digital channels, such as PPC, SMM, knowing that paid and social advertising one of the most quickest and effective ways to make more leads.

But they forced with a problem, that this advertising very expensive, if the campaigns aren’t run efficiently.

So, we, Hella Good Marketing, accept the challenge to help business identify the main working and efficient channels to boost their online presence, clients and return on marketing investment.

First of all we made full and complete audit of current Marketing & Sales activities and determine next crucial problems:

  • there wasn’t single approach to marketing;
  • PPC campaigns weren’t targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message;
  • pages and site were not optimized for SEO;
  • UX was bad according to the best CRO practice

Then we made clear market analyze and figure out next moments:

  • How customers research and select company’s services;
  • Where we need to improve the marketing effectiveness of client’s site;
  • Potential revenue improvements from gap analysis;
  • How your marketing capabilities compares;
  • Where the quick wins lie;
  • Future opportunities and threats

After this we were ready to create clear for both sides(for business and for “us”) Sales and Marketing Roadmap with clear process.

According to our Roadmap we set up and launch next marketing channels which can bring best profitable ROI:

  • We rolled up PPC strategy so that they’d get the return on investment they deserved
PPC Campaigns

Image 2. PPC Campaigns

Image 3. PPC Advert

  • In parallel with this we worked hard on SEO implementation for all location where center worked. As a result we re-build website with new structure according to semantic kernel.
SEO Results

Image 4. SEO Results after implementation

Example of High Ranking

Image 5. Example of High Ranking

  • We established best SMM strategy which bring relevant leads for reasonable cost. Also Pinnacle Treatment community on social network continue growth
Facebook Community Growth

Image 6. Facebook Community Growth

Facebook Community

Image 7. Facebook Community

Our work isn’t finished. But during this time we achieved next results:

Online Marketing Results

Image 8. Online Marketing Results

If you have a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and need a steady flow of new patients that are behaviourally in-market to get help, contact us below to learn how we can get you similar results immediately!

Pinnacle Treatment Centers Network: Is a recognized leader in comprehensive substance use services

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