30 Best CS2 Skins Under 1 Dollar in 2024

Mario Juric Published: Mar 14, 2024 18:32 Updated: Mar 14, 2024 18:32

30 Best CS2 Skins Under 1 Dollar in 2024

We all want to show off some cool skins when playing Counter-Strike: 2, but only some have the spare chance to spend on expensive skins that could cost hundreds to thousands. Fortunately, Counter-Strike provides ample options to look good without digging into your wallet.

If you’re a broke college student and still want to flex some cool skins, we have the perfect solution! Let’s go over 30 of the best CS2 skins under 1 dollar you can get in the market right now!

SSG 08 | Fever Dream (Minimal Wear)

The SSG 08 | Fever Dream is a successor to its successful brother, the AWP | Fever Dream.
Price range: $0.29 – $1.72

ssf08 fever dream cs2 skin

The Fever Dream skin comes from the Prisma 2 Collection, released in March 2020. The skin features custom paint, using the main colors of manic pink, blue, and purple as the main highlights of the skin. All these colors are placed on a black base for a nice finish. Overall, the SSG08 | Fever Dream follows a “nightmare” vibe and is a good choice for edgy guys. You can grab it in Minimal Wear condition, priced below a dollar.

P2000 | Acid Etched (Minimal Wear)

The primary idea of the Acid Etched skin is having leaves over purple poison.
Price range: $0.30 – $1.56

p2000 acid etched cs2 skin

This particular P2000 skin has a dark-purple background, with randomized multicolor patterns covering the entire weapon. At the top of the P2000, a four-leaf clover can be seen, signifying good luck. The combination of red, yellow, green, and blue patterns results in chaotic skin, which is preferred by many who tend to stray away from the norms. You can find the Acid Etched skin in the Prisma 2 Collection, the same as the SSG 08 | Fever Dream – time to open some cases?

AUG | Ricochet (Factory New)

The Ricochet is the only AUG skin you will find on this list, and you can get it in its best condition.
Price range: $0.06 – $0.50

ricochet aug cs2 skin

Released in the Revolution Collection back in 2015, the AUG | Ricochet is an incredibly original Counter-Strike skin. Its design concept is relatively simple. The creator custom-painted the AUG with a two-tone knotwork pattern and an anodized multicolored finishing style. If you’re a fan of simple patterns, then the Ricochet is the skin you should pick up.

Five-SeveN | Retrobution (Field-Tested)

The Five-SeveN | Retrobution is a bright, eye-catching skin you can cop for a reasonable price.
Price range: $0.53 – $2.44

five-seven retrobution cs2 skin

As the name suggests, this Five-SeveN skin is accompanied by a retro hydrographic with custom-painted touches added to the skin. The bright colors on the skin will take a person’s attention, making it a perfect choice for those of you who want to show off. The skin looks infinitely better in Factory New condition, but unfortunately, you can only grab the Field-Tested version of the skin for less than a buck.

XM1014 | Black Tie (Minimal Wear)

The Black Tie skin will satisfy the needs of the minimalists out there.
Price range: $0.28 – $2.69

xm1014 black tie (minimal wear) skin

For all you gentlemen, the XM1014 | Black Tie is a pure skin that uses a black and white chrome – as simple as it gets. After picking up the skin, the shotgun becomes best used on formal occasions. This skin was made by a community member and was released in 2016 as a part of the Chroma 3 collection. With the Minimal Wear version falling under a dollar, you can get a copy with little to no scratches.

PP-Bizon | Osiris (Minimal Wear)

A personal favorite and one of the most original Counter-Strike skins.
Price range: $0.49 – $1.22

pp-bzon osiris cs2 skin

All veteran CS:GO players would have heard about or seen this skin before, as it was released in the glory days of the game in 2014. The Osiris is another simple design, using a high-tech concept. The skin combines black, white, and amber colors, giving this cheap skin a futuristic look. Removing the low budget, the Osiris remains one of the best skins PP-Bizon offers.

Negev | Power Loader (Field-Tested)

Are you a strong guy and want to reflect that trait in Counter-Strike? The Negev | Power Loader is perfect for Giga Chads.
Price range: $0.62 – $6.38

negev power loader cs2 skin

The Power Loader skin uses a bright yellow color that appeals to the eye. The weapon skin has been custom-painted with hydrographic touches of heavy machinery, something you’d see in a construction site. Released in 2015 as part of the Revolver Case, this Negev skin is still highly relevant despite it being old. There aren’t too many unnecessary details on the Power Loader, making it a simple, yet effective skin for people with a low budget.

Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline (Minimal Wear)

The Trigger Discipline was added to the game in 2021 and has already become a fan-favorite.
Price range: $0.35 – $3.87

desert eagle trigger discipline cs2 skin

Part of the Snakebite Collection, the Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline is the best choice for a low-cost Deagle skin. The weapon uses a pink isometric pattern that is custom-painted on the barrel of the gun. On top of the pink, a few bright blue touches were added to finish the job. Overall, the Trigger Discipline has a very simple and sleek design. Getting it in lower conditions doesn’t affect the skin’s aesthetic too much.

M4A1-S | Night Terror (Minimal Wear)

Primary rifle skins like the M4A1-S are generally expensive, but the Night Terror is an exception.
Price range: $0.55 – $2.12

m4a1-s night terror cs2 skin

With the M4A1-S | Night Terror being a part of the Dreams & Nightmares Collection, it’s a given that it has some spooky elements to the skin. The main concept of the weapon follows “scattered thoughts from the mind of an insomniac”. There are blood writings and a creepy face on the center of the skin. The coolest part about the Night Terror is that it looks best in Battle-Scarred conditions to support the concept of the skin.

MAC-10 | Ensnared (Factory New)

The MAC-10 | Ensnared is one of the cheapest skins on the list.
Price range: $0.05 – $0.28

mac10 ensnared cs2 skin

This weapon skin comes from the Dreams & Nightmares Collection, so you probably know what to expect already. Three pixies are custom-painted on the weapon, with the idea that they are trapped inside and want to escape. The Ensnared skin becomes rather spooky as the pixies have their eyes glowing like they’re staring directly at your soul. Regardless, it is one of the few skins you can grab in Factory New condition, and it won’t even cost you half a dollar.

UMP-45 | Exposure (Minimal Wear)

The Exposure comes from the Spectrum 2 Collection and is an incredibly unique skin.
Price range: $0.32 – $1.34

ump-45 exposure skin

The concept of the Exposure skin fits perfectly with the UMP-45 and is probably the only gun that will have this skin. A custom paint job has been applied to the weapon skin, displaying an X-ray of a rib cage as the main highlight of the skin. A leg can also be seen on the weapon’s magazine, with additional details here and there. This skin started as a workshop submission, and I’d love to see more skins like this.

Galil AR | Rocket Pop (Field-Tested)

On a budget or not, the Rocket Pop is arguably the best choice for a go-to Galil AR skin.
Price range: $0.25 – $7.44

galil ar rocket pop skin

If you’re looking for bright and poppy skin, then the Rocket Pop is the one you’re looking for. The Galil AR has been custom-painted with colorful stripes and finished with pixelated particles around the skin. Overall, it has a super simple and sleek design and becomes a number one choice for players who prefer minimalist designs. It looks like a gun you’d pick up from a toy store, a breath of fresh air compared to other skins.

Five-SeveN | Scrawl (Factory New)

Yet another skin from the Dreams & Nightmares Collection makes it to the list.
Price range: $0.09 – $0.23

five seven scrawl skins

The Five-SeveN | Scrawl is a part of the Nightmares side of the case and is a relatively creepy one. Here, you will see custom hand-painted designs with lots of writing strokes, reading “I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA” and “ORIGINAL”. At the back of the skin, you can see graffiti of a skull, and an eye at the handle. It’s a very chaotic skin and a perfect one for someone trying to express themselves.

G3SG1 | Stinger (Minimal Wear)

Only a few individuals pick up the G3SG1, so if you’re one of them, at least look good with it.
Price range: $0.42 – $1.26

g3sg1 stinger skin cs2

The G3SG1 | Stinger was released in the golden days of Counter-Strike and the Glove Collection in November 2016. Its purple rarity makes it not the worst skin out there. The weapon skin has an uncomplicated concept, with yellow and gray accents and a Gunsmith finishing style. It has been given an engraved or patinated look, with the wooden stock painted all over.

SG 553 | Darkwing (Minimal Wear)

The Darkwing uses a fan-favorite color combination that appeals to the eye.
Price range: $0.25 – $1.43
sg 553 darkwing cs2 skin
The SG 553 | Darkwing, as the name suggests, follows the central concept of feathers of a wing. The weapon has been custom-painted with red and black colors, with feathers and other dark details found on the skin. Though not explicitly mentioned, the skin is based on an eagle, where signs are shown on the weapon’s handle. The skin creator worked out a sick color transition and did an amazing job.

P250 | Nevermore (Minimal Wear)

The Nevermore skin is a demon-like skin and uses the color red, a fan favorite.
Price range: $0.64 – $1.25

p250 nevermore skin cs2

The Nevermore Academy might have inspired the P250 | Nevermore. The skin features a bright orange pattern featuring skeletal birds. These birds are surrounded by hell-like red accents, making them chaotic and dangerous skin. Released in the Danger Zone Collection, the Nevermore is a decent choice for a budget P250 skin. You can grab it in Minimal Wear condition to become a good play skin.

AK-47 | Elite Build (Well-Worn)

The Elite Build is a classic skin that every Counter-Strike player has owned before.
Price range: $0.67 – $4.52

ak-47 elite build skin

The AK-47 | Elite Build is the original Elite Build skin, now with AWP and P90 versions. The skin was painted using hydrographic and stenciling. Detailed heat-transfer decals were used to finish the weapon. Overall, you can never go wrong with the Elite Build; it is one of the most well-known budget skins in the game. It uses a very simple design, but my favorite part about it is the wooden parts of the AK-47 were painted black, giving a clean look.

CZ75-Auto | Tigris (Minimal Wear)

The Tigris is one of the oldest skins on the entire list.
Price range: $0.49 – $2.72

cz75-auto tigris skin

The CS-75 Auto | Tigris was introduced as a part of the Operation Breakout Collection, released a decade ago. All OG CSGO players have heard about this skin, which has consistently remained at a budget price point. The CZ-75 was painted with high-gloss paint with a tiger stripe concept. The idea of the skin complements the small body of the CZ-75, as there isn’t too much surface area on the weapon. It is generally a skin that fits in high-budget inventories, too.

AWP | Capillary (Minimal Wear)

The Capillary is the only decent AWP skin you will find for less than one dollar.
Price range: $0.17 – $2.11

awp capillary skin

Every friend I know has owned an AWP | Capillary before, despite it only being released not too long ago in 2020. AWP skins are generally very expensive, and unless you want a Safari Mesh or a Pit Viper, the Capillary is the only good alternative. The skin comprises intricate teal and coral veins that result in a modest design. The color scheme isn’t too flashy and does not grab your attention, but it’s a bargain for a skin under a dollar.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail (Field-Tested)

The second Desert Eagle skin below a dollar is the Light Rail.
Price range: $0.48 – $3.79

desert eagle light rail skin

Though it is inferior to the Trigger Discipline, the Light Rail becomes a solid choice for players who prefer a homely design. It was released as a part of the Prisma Collection in 2019. There isn’t too much going on in the skin. It is custom-painted to create an optical illusion and uses simple colors. If you look closely, there is a text etched onto the skin, reading “MAGNUM RESEARCH INC” which makes the weapon look more realistic than other skin options.

MAG-7 | Monster Call (Minimal Wear)

In my opinion, the Monster Call is priced way too low for such a creative design.
Price range: $0.24 – $1.40

mag-7 monster call skin

There aren’t too many underwater designs in Counter-Strike skins, but the Monster Call is one. The main idea of the skin follows a blue base and two underwater creatures as the main highlight. The most creative part is one of the creatures was painted on the handle of the weapon, while the second creature appears to be chasing it. Overall, the skin uses a well-thought-out color scheme and is worth the dollar.

P90 | Chopper (Minimal Wear)

You won’t find another P90 skin as worth it as the Chopper.
Price range: $0.37 – $1.42

p90 chopper skin

The P90 | Chopper was released in the Gamma Collection back in 2016. The skin follows a flame motif design, with the remainder of the skin covered with blue metallic paints. It’s not the first time a skin has a flame design, but this concept is always welcomed. You can get a Minimal Wear version of this skin for less than a dollar, worth every penny. It has a very simple design that most minimalists will enjoy.

P250 | Supernova (Minimal Wear)

The P250 | Supernova is an OG skin that has been a reliable choice for over a decade.
Price range: $0.65 – $1.61

p250 supernova skin

The Supernova accompanies the CZ75-Auto | Tigris, as both are purple skins in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case. As the name suggests, the weapon skin was painted with a hydrographic following a cosmic pattern with concentric circles. The colors on the skin make it look a little chaotic at first sight, but after a good glance, you’ll appreciate the sleek design of the skin. For some reason, the skin looks better in Battle-Scarred condition than Factory New.

MAC-10 | Allure (Minimal Wear)

This skin is for you if you’re into Japan and its culture.
Price range: $0.35 – $1.64

mac-10 allure skin

Though the name doesn’t make it obvious initially, the MAC-10 | Allure is another Japanese-inspired skin. The main character of the skin is a woman in teal, believed to be Isa Onna, a Japanese ghost found in fishing villages. To match her theme and what she’s known for, the woman is surrounded by koi fish and crashing waves. If you want your skin to have meaning, here’s the MAC-10 skin you should grab.

MP7 | Cirrus (Factory New)

The best MP7 skin under a dollar is easily the Cirrus.
Price range: $0.10 – $0.63

mp7 cirrus skin

The Cirrus is one of the cleanest skins at this price range. The MP7 is painted with a simple metallic blue. In Factory New condition, within the budget, you can have super clean skin with this design. On top of the blue, a skull decal is painted in the middle of the gun. Overall, the MP7 | Cirrus will fit into any blue loadout, and the weapon itself is worth your sixty cents.

SG 553 | Dragon Tech (Field-Tested)

The Dragon Tech is one of the few complex skins you can cop for less than $1.
Price range: $0.40 – $1.61

sg 553 dragon tech skin

You can probably tell from the name already, but the Dragon Tech skin has been custom-painted with a biochemical green dragon. When inspecting this skin in the game, you’ll see a dragon staring into your soul. Its tail extends to the weapon’s magazine, a cool touch when reloading. You don’t get detailed designs like this on a low budget, but the Dragon Tech is an exception.

Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo (Minimal Wear)

Purple-colored skins aren’t the most popular, but the Violent Daimyo should make an exception.
Price range: $0.10 – $0.47

five-seven violent daimyo

Though not too explicit, the Violet Daimyo is another skin based in Japanese culture. In Japan’s past, Daimyo were powerful feudal lords who ruled most of the country. You can see that the skin is custom painted with a Japanese graphic design in violet and black color. The skin has numerous touches that symbolize Japan, so this is another great piece of skin with some meaning.

Tec-9 | Avalanche (Field-Tested)

Here’s another skin for people who like minimalistic designs.
Price range: $0.48 – $3.45

tec-9 avalanche skin

The Avalanche skin isn’t only based on snow and ice. This Tec-9 was painted with sleek, futuristic hydrographic and finished with customized looks in various colors. The Avalanche kind of gives you some Snow Olympic vibes. However, the flavor text suggests something different: “We must be smart how we move against her, one wrong move and she’ll come crashing down on both of us – The Serpent and the Truth Seeker.” It is a submission from a workshop creator, so I wonder what he meant by that.

PP-Bizon | Space Cat (Minimal Wear)

The PP-Bizon | Space Cat features an unorthodox design that could be liked by many.
Price range: $0.26 – $0.92

pp-bizon space cat skin

It shouldn’t be hard to guess that the Space Cat skin features a cat in space as the main concept of the design. The space art depiction of a cat took up most of the skin and was custom-painted over a black and purple base. The cat has multiple tails, and its body is not properly connected. Though you don’t see skin like this every day, the Space Cat is a good skin to pick up to go against the norm.

R8 Revolver | Crazy 8 (Minimal Wear)

The Crazy 8 skin is a recent release but is already widely accepted as one of the best R8 Revolver skins.
Price range: $0.35 – $1.66

r8 revolver crazy 8 skin

Released only in 2022 as a part of the Recoil Collection, the R8 Revolver | Crazy 8 features a purple barrel and the number 8 on the weapon’s grip. Though purple and black aren’t the most attractive color combinations, the theme of the skin allows these two dark colors to mesh well and produce cool-looking skin. Even in Factory New condition, the skin has multiple slight scratches, implying the weapon was used in battle.


In conclusion, most Counter-Strike skins look better as the price increases. However, players with a low budget shouldn’t worry too much, as a vast selection of good CSGO skins are priced under a dollar. This price range allows players to craft an entire loadout for less than $25, making skins more accessible to the player base.

It’s also awesome to see that many of the skins on the list were created by community members and submitted to the Steam Workshop. Whether you’re looking for the perfect play skin or simply looking through the abundance of options available, budget-friendly skins such as the ones recommended ensure that the community can find good skin to suit their tastes.

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