Best 9 CS:GO Exchange Sites Toplist – Exchange your CS:GO skins in June 2022

Check our list of the Best CS:GO Exchange Sites in 2022

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Exchange Site Games Commission Bonuses Activate Link
CS:GO, Rust, Dota 2, TF2 no commission Get a 3% Bonus for Cashing out, Best Place to Sell Skins Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
csgo trading CS:GO, Dota 2 7% 30% top-up bonus for each top-up, or a 23% discount for buying skins directly in Store mode Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
skinsmonkey CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust no commission $5 for free + Get a 5% Bonus for Trading Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
csgo trading CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Rust 5% Free Giveaways, Referral system Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
csgo trade sites CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2, H1Z1 2%-5% Log in to get up to 10$ bonus on first trade!; Lower commission for joining Steam group Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
sgo trading websites CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2 5% 3% reduced commission for adding “” to your Steam name. Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
CS:GO $20/month subscription plan n/a Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
trade csgo skins CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2, others 5% monthly bonuses Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now
CS:GO 6-7% – depend on skins 1% Bonus Exchange Your CS:GO Items Now

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How to make exchanges in CS:GO?

It would be almost impossible to find a first-person shooter (FPS) who has never heard of Counter-Strike. The game can be considered the ancestor of all FPS games that came after it. Although the gameplay of the two-decade title hasn’t changed significantly, CS:GO has done something else to keep up with the times.

In addition to the legendary gameplay of Counter-Strike, CS:GO also takes advantage of the Steam market and has its own economy, made up of in-game skins with prices in various ranges. It is possible to find cosmetic items for pennies, while you can also get them for thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity.


This economy has slowly turned into a mini stock market with players scouring the community store for bargains and selling the items they buy at higher prices. Commerce has also become a trusted way to use CS:GO-approved gambling sites, which use in-game cosmetic items as a form of payment.

Players can win more items or lose everything they placed on the bet, depending on the outcome of the game, and the entire process is automated via bots. While it may seem convenient, it is also the cause of many fraudulent activities. Some players try to disguise themselves as commercial bots and send random exchange offers to CS:GO players with valuable stocks, and some end up being successful.

Knowing how to trade and what to look for can help you avoid any scam attempts you may encounter in the future and even help you save some money to buy that knife you’ve always wanted.

How can you make changes in CS:GO?

Trading is a central function of CS:GO and many other games on Steam.

Before starting any trading process, you must make sure that your account is eligible for trading. You will need to have Steam Guard activated for 15 days and have a valid purchase through Steam with at least one week, but not more than one year. Compliance with these two requirements will make your account suitable for trading, but switching devices can also cause minor delays.

  • Open Steam.
  • Both the Steam client and the official Steam page will be sufficient to do what is necessary.
  • Hover your mouse over your name between the Community and Chat tabs at the top of the screen.
  • Select friends.
  • Find the person you would like to trade with and enter your profile.
  • Click More, which can also be an arrow pointing downwards in some profiles. It will always be a few centimeters to the right of their names.
  • Choose to offer an exchange.
  • Click and drag the items you want to trade from both inventories to the exchange boxes.
  • If you can’t see any items to begin with, you can reveal them by choosing the game they belong to first.
  • Check the box to confirm the commercial content.
  • Click Make Offer.

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Completing the process will send an exchange offer to the person you would like to trade with, and they will have a chance to observe the exchange before accepting it. Negotiation will take place automatically if the other party also accepts the terms.

If you’re on a PC or Mac, you can also complete the same procedure by opening your friend list and right-clicking someone you want to exchange with. There will also be a “Offer an exchange” button, which will take you to the same process.

You can submit trade requests from your Trade Offers page as another alternative.

  • Open your Steam profile and click Inventory.
  • Look for a blue button that says Exchange offers, which will be right at the top of the game list, and click on it.
  • Choose New negotiation offer and you will be asked to choose who you want to negotiate with.
  • After choosing the other side of your exchange, you can create an exchange offer by selecting the items you want to exchange.

Accepting and sending commercial offers may require authorization, requiring you to enter the code sent by Steam Guard to your email or phone account.

The Best CS:GO Exchange Sites in 2022

Rating Exchange site Bonus Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
1st SkinCashier Get a 5% Cashout Bonus Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
2nd 3% reduced commission for adding “” to your Steam name Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
3rd +5% for first deposit for Free Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
4th Steam Community monthly bonuses Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
5th CSGOEXO.COM 1% Bonus Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
6th CS.Money 40% top-up bonus for each top-up, or a 28.6% discount for buying skins directly in Store mode Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
7th DMarket Giveaways, Referral System Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
8th $5 for free + Get a 5% Bonus for Trading Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now
9th CS.Trade Log in to get up to 10$ bonus on first trade!; Lower commission for joining Steam group Exchange Your CS:GO Skins Now

How can you avoid being cheated when exchanging on CS:GO?

The only advice that any CS:GO marketer can give to beginners is that you should take your time with each commercial offer. One of the most common techniques used by scammers is to rush players through the switching process, causing them to oversee the finer details.

Most items in the Steam store have several rarities that share the same thumbnail. You can only know the difference between each rarity by hovering over them one by one. A slight difference in rarity can change the price of an item by hundreds of dollars, which means that it is worth spending your time.

Be sure to review the profile of the person you would like to negotiate with, as previous Steam users who have negotiated with them are likely to leave comments about their experience.

The main reason why it is so essential to ensure the integrity of an exchange before pulling the trigger is that Steam support will not return your items if you are misled. The developer has a full page of trade guides to help players avoid falling for any scams and avoid reversing items to protect the store’s economy.

This does not apply to cases where your account is hacked, however, and Steam support returns your items when it proves your case.

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Can you make money by exchanging CS:GO items?

Technically, it is possible to earn money by exchanging items from CS:GO, but it is significantly more difficult than it looks. If you want to increase your Steam balance by swapping CS:GO items, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the community market.

This includes the average prices of almost all skins that are in high demand, as you will need to identify bargain offers when you find them. It will be significantly difficult to get a bargain in the community market, as there will be millions of other players looking to do the same thing as you, but you may have a better chance of finding good value in exchange groups.

CS:GO exchange groups are almost everywhere, including Facebook, Steam, Twitter or even on their separate platforms. The main selling point of these communities is that they are also the number one dropping place for players who want to exchange skins. Players who wish to avoid paying the community market fee for a new skin will be willing to exchange their valuable cosmetics in exchange for the new ones they would like to have.

There will be players who wish to exchange a $50 weapon skin for a $40 knife or the other way around. Your main objective should be to locate the opposite trades in which players are looking to exchange valuable skins for slightly less valuable ones. Be sure to always trade for items that you can resell quickly, as waiting too long to sell them can cause you to lose potential business and profits.

You can use the price tracker in the Steam community market to determine the value of an item, or use third-party tools that also highlight trends in an item’s prices. You can use seasonal trends to your advantage and buy a holiday-themed theme before a seasonal event starts and sell it for profit when demand increases.

The same rules of day-to-day economics and stock trading also apply to CS:GO. While it takes an unimaginable effort to earn a living by trading CS:GO items, it is definitely possible to earn a few dollars, which can help you secure some rare skins before investing more real life money.

All you need to do is follow as many trusted trading platforms as possible and stay on the lookout for any trades that may come your way. Always be at your best and behave like a good salesman, as reputation is another vital factor in the world of commerce.

One player will always fail to profit a few dollars more if his Steam profile is full of recommendation notes and the other negotiating candidate has a new profile with almost no trading history.

If this is your first time trying to trade profitably, we recommend starting with lower value items around R$ 5 to R$ 10. Most of these items will already be in high demand, and successful trades in this range will allow you to build trust and reputation.

So, the final list where you able to exchange CSGO items are next:

Evaluation criteria Site
🔝 Best Overall: 1️⃣ SkinCashier
💝 Best with Low Fees: 2️⃣
⬆️ Best Exchange: 3️⃣ CSGO.Exchange
✅ Best With Low Commissions: 4️⃣ Dmarket
💎 The Best Bonus: 5️⃣ Steam
  1. CSGO.Exo 6️⃣

  2. CS.Money 7️⃣

  3. 8️⃣

  4. CS.Trade 9️⃣