19 Best CS:GO Case Opening Sites in February 2023

Check out our trusted list of the 19 best CS:GO Case Opening Sites in February 2023


CS:GO Case Opening Site Games Promo Code Bonuses Activate Link
csgoroll CS:GO gamble-csgo 3 Free Spins Up to $1,000 +5% Deposit bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
datdrop CS:GO top100list +5% for first deposit for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
stake CS:GO(coming soon) hellagood Free Spins + Multiple Offers + 5% rakeback Open CS:GO Cases Now
keydrop CS:GO, Dota 2, RUST gamblecsgo100 $0.55 for FREE +10% bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
CS:GO(coming soon), Mystery Boxes HYPEHELLA 3 Free Boxes + 5% Deposit Bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
farmskins CS:GO gamblecsgo $1 for free, Open Daily bonus case and get more skins! Open CS:GO Cases Now
daddyskins CS:GO gamble100 +5% to first deposit (max $100.00 per 24h) Open CS:GO Cases Now
hellcase CS:GO gamblecsgo $0.70 for Free, +10% to balance refill, Daily CS:GO Random Item, Balance, War Tags Open CS:GO Cases Now
CSGOLuck CS:GO HELLAGOOD 5 Free Cases, Daily Cases, Supercharge Cases Open CS:GO Cases Now
clash gg CS:GO, Dota 2 HELLAGOOD Daily free case + rakeback Open CS:GO Cases Now
csgolive CS:GO, TF2 hellagoodcsgo Daily Free Case with a value of $0.02-$50.00 Open CS:GO Cases Now
ggdrop CS:GO, RUST, Dota 2 Hella11 Use “Hella11” for 11% deposit bonus and “Hellaspin” for free spin Open CS:GO Cases Now
csgo skins CS:GO REF2AC0A1 $0.50 for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
csgofast CS:GO HR1V1M $1.50 for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
ezy case opening CS:GO top100list $0.50 for Free, Up to 15% deposit bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
skinclub CS:GO, Dota 2, RUST coming soon Open Free Case Every day, $0.50 for Free (at level 20, you can open 3 cases every day) Open CS:GO Cases Now
g4skins CS:GO gamblecs +5% for first deposit for FREE, Daily Wheel Bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
csgocases CS:GO, Dota 2, RUST gamblecsgo get $0.50 for Free, Open Daily Free Cases Open CS:GO Cases Now
csgonet CS:GO, Dota 2, RUST HELLAGOOD get +35% for first deposit Open CS:GO Cases Now

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Take a look at the best CS:GO case opening sites in 2023:

You may already know that you can get items outside of Steam, but do you know which are the best sites to open CS:GO cases?

Since 2013 when Valve introduced Skins to CS:GO, players have been able to access a variety of cosmetic items within the game. Items can be purchased in several ways such as:

  • ✔️ in-game rewards,
  • ✔️ item cases,
  • ✔️ even negotiating with other players.

Opening cases ended up becoming the way that attracts the most players, because with small values they have the chance to receive items of higher value.

Despite receiving the boxes free of charge, to open them, players need to buy their respective keys.

The item market generates a lot of revenue and generates millions of dollars. To give you an idea, recently another record was set for selling skin. The AWP Souvenir Dragon Lore Skin was sold for no less than $61,000 in 2018 and was the most expensive skin traded until an unidentified Chinese collector purchased a Howl Skin M4A4 for about $130,000 in 2020!

And with a market as big as this it would not fail to expand and grow with other options besides the official game market on Steam.

So, if you are looking for a good website to open boxes at cheaper prices than in the official store, or even want to have secure information about these sites, this post was made for you.

Follow with us to know everything about the best sites to open CS:GO cases.

The Best CS:GO Case Opening sites in February 2023

Rating CS:GO Case Opening Site Bonus Claim here
1st CSGORoll 3 Free Spins Up to $1,000 +5% Deposit bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
2nd Datdrop +5% for first deposit for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
3rd HypeDrop 3 Free Boxes + 5% Deposit Bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
4th Farmskins $1 for free, Open Daily bonus case and get more skins! Open CS:GO Cases Now
5th Daddyskins +5% to first deposit (max $100.00 per 24h) Open CS:GO Cases Now
6th Hellcase $0.70 for Free, +10% to balance refill, Daily CS:GO Random Item, Balance, War Tags Open CS:GO Cases Now
7th KeyDrop $0.55 for FREE +10% bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
8th CSGOlive Daily Free Case with a value of $0.02-$50.00 Open CS:GO Cases Now
9th CSGO-Skins.com $0.50 for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
10th CSGOFast $1.50 for Free Open CS:GO Cases Now
11th EZY.com $0.50 for Free, Up to 15% deposit bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
12th Skin Club Open Free Case Every day, $0.50 for Free (at level 20, you can open 3 cases every day) Open CS:GO Cases Now
13th G4Skins +5% for first deposit for FREE, Daily Wheel Bonus Open CS:GO Cases Now
14th GGDrop Use “Hella11” for 11% deposit bonus and “Hellaspin” for free spin Open CS:GO Cases Now
15th CSGOCases get $0.50 for Free, Open Daily Free Cases Open CS:GO Cases Now
16th CSGONet get +35% for first deposit Open CS:GO Cases Now
17th CSGOLuck 5 Free Cases, Daily Cases, Supercharge Cases Open CS:GO Cases Now
18th Stake Free Spins + Multiple Offers + 5% rakeback Open CS:GO Cases Now
19th Clash.GG Daily free case + rakeback Open CS:GO Cases Now

There are several external sites to open CS:GO skins. These sites bring a wide variety of items and usually for a lower price than the official Steam store.

We did an in-depth search, we also listened to some users who already had experience in some of the sites, we followed reviews and with that we came up with the following list of best sites to open CS:GO cases.

19 Legit CS:GO Case Opening Sites in 2023:

1. CSGORoll 🥇

The day to day reward was made to remunerate steadfast CSGORoll players, the individuals who play on the site and figure out how to step up will have the chance to open a free case at regular intervals, this time will begin counting from your last case opening. The primary case will be accessible when you have arrived at level 2 then, at that point, level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, lastly level 100. You can open every one of your cases consistently, procuring as much as 150 free coins each day when you at last arrive at level 100. This framework might change in the future as the site is adjusted.

csgoroll csgo case opening site

2. DatDrop 🥈

The Datdrop website is a Polish website that has been operating since 2018. It has several types of cases and very attractive prices.
csgo case opening sites
A nice difference is that every day you can open a box for free. Additionally to that the site has games like: Battle opening, Upgrade, Battle Royale.

Although few, he has good grades on Trustpilot.com.

3. DaddySkins 🥉

Daddyskins is pretty much trusted with more than 1.6 million extraordinary clients on it. It was additionally begun in 2016 and has been an ordinary for players all over the planet for the best skins, be it the Fire Serpent or the Asiimov.

daddyskins csgo case opening site

4. FarmSkins

On the Farmskins website you will find several boxes, including ones created by the users themselves. Everyone can open and create their cases, get multiple items and still profit from them.
csgo case opening site

This is the worst rated site on Trustpilot, in addition to having the little number of reviews: more than 150.


KEY-DROP is one of the most seasoned case opening sites that was begun in mid 2016. It has had almost 137 million cases opened on the site till date and has various cases explicitly for blades, for example, the 70% blade case or the 80% blade case with a high opportunity of a blade drop.

keydrop csgo case opening site

6. Hellcase

The Hellcase website has millions of players and has several different types of boxes. It even offers the chance to get improvements for your items.
csgo case opening

In it you can count on events and even the battle of cases, where you open CS:GO cases with other users and dispute who is more lucky and profits more!

The reviews on Trustpilot are not bad, due to the large number of reviews.


CSGO-SKINS generally has a high skin supply and fast withdrawal framework. It incorporates various games, for example, PUBG, CS:GO and DOTA 2 skins for players to appropriately look over and open cases.

csgo skins csgo case opening site

8. CSGOLive

CSGOLive is a site from Lithuania that permits clients to open cases on its commercial center. They have cases from the actual game, for example, Bravo case or the typical Prisma case and furthermore custom cases with explicit skins, for example, Covert case for clandestine skins and, surprisingly, another Knife case specificallly.

csgolive csgo case opening site

9. HypeDrop

HypeDriop is the most recent improvement in the web-based mystery box which can be utilized by anybody who is beyond 18 years old. The site has acquired a lot of fame very quickly after its delivery since it accompanies a lot of special factors that put it aside from the rest. The principal one of a kind element is that you don’t need to trust that the case will get genuinely conveyed to you to understand what’s inside the virtual box you requested. The stage permits you to open the case basically so you understand what will be inside the crate that will be conveyed to you. Also, it was the information that CS:GO cases can be added to HypeDrop in future, will wait for this.

hypedrop case opening site

10. CSGOLuck

CS:GO Case Opening has been around the length of there have been CS:GO betting site. The manner in which it works is players buy a case at a preset cost. At the point when you select a case you will see a rundown of things that the case could contain and the chances of that specific thing being inside. A few things will be worth more than the expense of the case, and some will be worth less. The higher the cost you pay for a case the higher the worth of the things it might contain. Essentially buy a case and see what you get.

csgoluck csgo case opening site

11. CSGO.net

CSGO.net is pretty much straightforward. You login with Steam, add reserves or commit your own skins, and afterward spend the money on different cases accessible.

csgonet csgo case opening

The site utilizes a Provably Fair calculation to ensure everything is above load up and unquestionable, and at the hour of composing flaunts a 4.8 rating on TrustPilot with north of 4,654 surveys.

12. CSGOCases.com

CSGOCases is basically the same as CSGOlive in its emphasis on selling and opening cases.

csgocases case opening site

They come in both Official and client made assortment, in all unique case and cost ranges. There are additionally different CS:GO giveaways going on the off chance that you like to take a shot as such.

13. SkinClub

In the way of Hellcase – SkinClub is a case opening site. For some time now, Valve has changed the case opening framework by adding a “radar” framework and by eliminating the likelihood to purchase cases.

skinclub csgo case

As may be obvious, it has become significantly more hard to open cases in CS:GO.

The benefit of Skin.Club is the likelihood to open cases which doesn’t exist on Counter Strike. Then you can get the skins on your steam account.

Skin Club offers you a ton of sales registers at various costs. You will likewise have the likelihood to play the different games that the site proposes.

14. CSGOFast

CSGOFast is one of the more strange sites we’ve gone over. While it appears to have a lot of individuals utilizing it, there’s tiny data about it out there. It appears to be a strong spot and flaunts a greater number of games than we’ve at any point seen on a solitary site, however we concluded we expected to investigate and do a digging to see if CSGOFast is genuine.

csgofast cases to open

15. EZY.com

EZY is a CS:GO case opening site and furthermore offer VGO cases. Costs for cases range from a couple of pennies to as much as a few hundred bucks. The worth of the skins that you can win changes too with the thought being that the skins you win will be worth more than the sum spent to open the case.

ezy com csgo case opening

16. G4Skins

G4Skins offers case opening to CS:GO players, with the capacity to make your own cases and furthermore exchange up to further develop your ongoing CS:GO skins, close by basically opening the cases. This offers extraordinary assortment, despite the fact that the help is case opening and that’s it, with individuals getting something somewhat unique that isn’t accessible all over the place.

g4skins csgo case opening website

17. GGDrop

Accessible in 8 unique languages, GGDrop is viewed as one of the most mind-blowing CS:GO betting sites accessible in 2023. Other than the attractive illustrations, present day plan, and instinctive dashboard, the site offers just genuine advancements.

ggdrop open case

Heads up! A very important warning before you access any site outside of Steam: there are many sites that are known as Scam. They are nothing more than sites that steal your access from Steam. That way they also steal your items and valuables that you may have. Therefore, it is difficult to say which sites you should trust. Register and use them at your own risk.

One tip you can use to be aware of data theft is to note the moment the site asks you to log in with your Steam account. Make sure you are in the official Steam login. Some sites can impersonate Steam without you realizing it.

Therefore, a good tip is to look in the address bar if the site corresponds to the correct Steam site.

Another good tip is to check if your password saved in your browser works on this page. If your browser recognizes it as a Steam page, you can rest assured with your login.

18 Stake.com

Stake site is an interesting internet based club and sportsbook that offers an encounter you will be unable to find elsewhere. The gambling club is accessible in different dialects and can be played in a flash through an internet browser or in a hurry. Stake Gambling club is authorized and directed by the Public authority of Curacao. They have a plan to add more CS:GO games, not only betting, but case opening as well!

stake csgo

19. Clash.GG

Clash.gg is a moderately new site for CS:GO case opening. ClashGG is another skin betting site for the game CS:GO that offers different novel game modes.

clash gg case opening

Which site is better to open CS:GO cases?

You could see here some of the main sites that have the best reputation among several others that you can find on the internet abroad. And yet we are still left behind!

The list we selected is not a big one and it was on purpose. We found that there are many sites that act in bad faith and can bring you losses. So be very careful with these transactions outside the official Steam market. We do not recommend it.

The best site to open CS:GO boxes is still Steam with its official market! There is our recommendation for you to easily negotiate that case you are looking for!

Full list of 19 Best CS:GO Case Opening Sites:

Evaluation criteria CS:GO Case Opening Site
🔝 Best for CS:GO Case Battles: 1️⃣ DatDrop
💝 Best CS:GO Unboxing Site: 2️⃣ CSGORoll
⬆️ Best Expensive CS:GO Cases: 3️⃣ Hellcase
✅ Best for BTC withdrawals: 4️⃣ FarmSkins
💎 The Best Mystery Boxes: 5️⃣ HypeDrop
  1. CSGOlive – Best for making your own cases 6️⃣

  2. CSGO-Skins.com – Best site for Cheap CS:GO Cases with epic skins 7️⃣

  3. Daddyskins – Best CS:GO case opening site with really rare skins 8️⃣

  4. CSGOFast 9️⃣

  5. EZY.com 🔟

  6. Skin.club 1️⃣1️⃣

  7. KeyDrop 1️⃣2️⃣

  8. CSGOLuck 1️⃣3️⃣

  9. G4Skins 1️⃣4️⃣

  10. GGDrop 1️⃣5️⃣

  11. CSGOCases.com 1️⃣6️⃣

  12. CSGO.Net 1️⃣7️⃣

  13. Stake 1️⃣8️⃣

  14. Clash.GG 1️⃣9️⃣


What is CS:GO case opening?

Opening cases is always an exciting process because a closed box is somewhat of a surprise. No player knows exactly what it has in and feels excited in anticipation for the loot to be found. Cases are opened with a special key.

How legal are platforms for CS:GO case opening?

In general, this is a completely legal activity, so every gamer who takes part in case opening has nothing to do with breaking the laws or violating any rules. However, make sure you remember the following. First of all, it is important to visit and deal with only reliable sites. It is also highly recommended to check the rules and regulations applicable to such activities in your country.

Can CS:GO case opening be considered a gambling activity?

We can safely say that it is about gambling to a certain extent. This is due to the fact that there is a risk of unnecessary expenditure. The player spends money for a random result. The case may contain valuable skins or cheap ones that do not pay back the money spent.

Are there cases with skins of knives only?

Players can open special theme-based cases with certain items in them. However, these are not official Valve cases, but rather mixed boxes from the website developers. The advantage is obvious — there are no extra items except knives.

How does Valve feel about CS:GO case opening sites?

When Valve created the cases, they did not intend for them to be used on gambling platforms. Furthermore, they did their best to prevent this possibility to a certain extent. Nevertheless, cases from third-party sites have a much better price.

Can I deposit cryptocurrency on CS:GO case opening sites?

Yes, you can. Many sites accept cryptocurrency for financial transactions and even encourage such payments as it is a more secure and reliable payment method to deposit funds. The most popular currencies are BTC, ETH, USDT, and DOG. Users who do not own digital money often have the possibility to buy cryptocurrency directly on the site.

Update for January 2023: We have deleted 3 sites from our list: Caserandom.com, pvpro.com and unboxskins.com because some of them already closed and other under the maintenance.

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