Hey Gamers!
I'm Eric, and my gaming adventure started at 5, hopping between my uncle's PS1, dad's trusty SEGA, and handheld Game Boy quests. PC gaming, especially competitive battles in Valorant (1100 hours) and CS2 (500 hours), became my jam, even if I'm not a pro. Improving and climbing ranks keep me hooked.

Survival games are my playground, spending 7000 hours in Ark: Survival Evolved, 1000 hours in Conan Exiles, and 700 hours in Rust. The challenges and wild stories keep the excitement alive.

As a Spanish gamer, I learned English through RuneScape at 9, making me a language bridge in the gaming world for about 20 years. Tech-wise, I navigate IT and Java programming corridors, blending my techie side with gaming passion.

Join me in this epic gaming and gambling journey - where every pixel tells a story, and every bet adds a twist. Let's roll the dice and level up together!

When did you start playing games?

5 years old, exploring PS1, SEGA, and Game Boy.


CS2 / Rust Writer



Gamer experience

From discovering gaming at 5 with my uncle's PS1 and dad's SEGA to 20 years of thrilling adventures. RuneScape taught me English at 9, paving the way for two decades of pixelated joy and progress.

What makes your top favorite game so enjoyable for you?

Favorite game would be Ark: Survival Evolved, spent 7000 hours of building, taming, and raiding, bugs (and they’re a lot) aside. However, I really enjoy Valorant and CS2, they keep the competitive thrill alive.

TOP 3 favorite games & hours played

Ark: Survival Evolved (~7000 h) Valorant (~1100 h) Rust (~700 h)